UNITED STATES—I’ve been recently battling COVID-19 after being exposed somewhere. Where I have NO IDEA, which is slightly frustrating to say the least people. With that said, I am fully vaccinated, and it still baffles me how I contracted the virus, it seems this virus has wiggled its way around those who are vaccinated and boosted people.

I would argue I had minor systems the first few days beyond some wicked muscle and back spasms that literally had me on my knees at times. I cannot recall dealing with such pain in my back as long as I lived. It was like someone was taking a sharp knife and stabbing me in the back with it and then twisting the knife whenever the opportunity presented itself people. Not fun, not fun at all. The next few days things got better, but then out of nowhere, all of a sudden I get a fever, congestion in the chest and then a cough.

Not just any cough a wicked cough that hurts each time it transpires. Wow, the symptoms can absolutely take a few days to develop before they hit you and when they do they hit you like a ton of bricks people. I mean the fever really bothered me because it woke me up out of my sleep, before that pesky cough made its presence known and then I had to battle a headache that was totally like someone was taking a jackhammer against my skull and it would NOT let up. It just keep hammering, hammering and hammering itself against my head to the point that all I wanted to do was sleep.

I needed sleep to feel like I could get back to normal people and that is what the virus does to you. It drains you mentally, physically and spiritually to the point, where your body (I would NOT say it shuts down), but it goes on hibernation mode. I can say without a doubt, I know if I was not vaccinated my situation would be much worse people, so I am glad I made the decision to get vaccinated even though I had so many people around me saying don’t get it, you can’t trust it, you have no idea what is in the vaccine, and a bunch of speculation that made absolutely no sense people.

I do believe that wearing that mask and social distancing is crucial. I’ve seen plenty of people continue to wear their mask, however, the thing I am NOT seeing is people social distance. People are NOT distancing properly and I do believe that is causing a large number of the COVID-19 cases that we are seeing right now. The virus has taken a toll on my appetite where I don’t want to eat that much, I am trying to stay hydrated as much as I possibly can with water and tea, and guess what people, I’m not a hot tea person at all. I just don’t like it, but it was the only thing that would soothe my throat at the current time.

You have to simply let COVID-19 run its course, get rest, stay hydrated and just refuse to give up. Fight, fight the virus with every fiber in your body and trust that you will indeed overcome. For those who think this virus is a joke. If you catch COVID-19 it is no laughing matter, it’s a brutal punch to the body that takes time to properly heal. I’ve had a wicked sore throat that has robbed me of my voice, something that I think would never happen.

I cannot talk America and that is NOT something that I ever expected or hoped to transpire in a million years. Take your vitamins, take precautions and be as healthy as you can America. Some people get COVID-19 and don’t recover, I can at least say I’m fighting back and will live to fight another day, not everyone can say that. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Written By Jason Jones