SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, September 16, hundreds marched to San Francisco City Hall to protest recent immigration reform, in regards to the detention centers being held across the country.

The march began at the 24th Street BART Plaza, ran through Mission Street, and ended at around 1:30 p.m. at City Hall. According to Mission Local, one of the organizers stated they had been planning the march for several months.

Several organizers were involved, including the Central American Resource Center of Los Angeles (CARECEN), members of the California Human Development’s Day Labor Center, and La Colectiva, a “worker-run cleaning collective” that helps immigrant women gain employment.

Hillary Ronen, a member of the SF Board of Supervisors, stated that resolution was announced at a board meeting held on Tuesday, September 17, that would work towards “supporting the demands and actions of the “Close the Camps – Free Our Children” coalition, which aims to draw attention to the systemic mistreatment of immigrants at the United States border and is working towards closing the inhumane immigrant detention camps and freeing innocent children and families.”

The resolution is still up for approval and the next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 24.

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