SAN FRANCISCO—A former inmate, who was incarcerated in No. 5 County Jail in San Bruno, is suing the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department after being beaten and attacked by a guard on duty, allegedly without cause.

Deshaun Roberts, 21, was attacked by guard, Alex Jayson, back in April 2019. The incident report stated that Roberts refused to be handcuffed and that Officer Jayson had to use physical force to regain control.

Mission Local reported that Nancy Crowley, a Spokesperson for the SF Sheriff’s Department, confirmed that Roberts was attacked in front of multiple witnesses—civilians, workers of the Charter School where the incident occurred, and in front of staff at the County Jail.

Roberts filed the lawsuit on August 23, in the U.S. District Court of Northern California. The Sheriff of the City and County of San Francisco, Vicki Hennessy, is leading an investigation into the department after the FBI refused to probe further on the incident.

San Francisco News reached out to Nancy Crowley and Vicki Hennessy, as well as the FBI’s media office, but did hear a response in time for print.