SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Ballet School (SF Ballet) announced the World Ballet School Day will take place on Tuesday, July 7. Various ballet schools worked with renowned choreographer Didy Veldman to prepare for the event. Veldman’s latest digital choreography project will premiere during the event.

Veldman is a Dutch choreographer and contemporary teacher. She trained at the Scapino Academy which is located in Amsterdam. Before starting her own business, she danced with several companies including Scapino Ballet and Rambert Dance Company. She stepped on the path of choreography in 1987. Veldman has been teaching dance to professionals and students since 1994. In 2016, she founded her own dance company, Umanoove in the United Kingdom.

A total of six ballet schools worked with Veldman to explore the theme “physical restriction.” The Royal Ballet School led the project. SF Ballet joined the team in a choreographic challenge for ballet students during lockdown.

“The dancers worked in six groups and created and rehearsed with Veldman over Zoom. The students then filmed their individual performances and Veldman and The BalletBoyz have created a film containing their work,” reads a statement from SF Ballet website.

According to a statement from the SF Ballet, the purpose of having the World Ballet School Day is to connect young professional dancers with young people all over the world.

SF Ballet indicates that besides displaying Didy Veldman’s new work of choreography, SF Ballet with the other 11 ballet schools will take the audiences behind the scenes on the World Ballet School Day.

People can watch the inaugural edition of the event on Tuesday, July 7 at

For more details, visit the SF Ballet website.