SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, July 2, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation (SFMTA) announced they will begin a series of transportation improvements on Beale Street during the summer of 2020. As part of the first phase, construction will begin on a transit-only lane from Market to Natoma Street.

According to an article from the SFMTA website, transit lanes that will be added are part of the Active Beale Street Project. The project was approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors on June 16. It is part of the South Downtown Design and Activation Plan which is a larger community planning initiative that is neighborhood-wide.

“The goal of the project is to improve operation for Muni and Golden Gate Transit, a transit-only lane would connect to the Salesforce Transit Center,” reads a statement from the SFMTA website.

Improvements that will be made due to the Active Beale Street Project include:

1. A transit-only lane from Market to Natoma Street. This lane will make a connection between the five Muni and three Golden Gate Transit lines to the Transbay Transit Center.
2. A protected two-way cycle track for bicyclists.
3. Sidewalks near Market and between Howard and Folsom streets will be made wider.
4. A restored pickup zone for casual carpooling and a loading zone between Howard and Folsom streets.
5. The project will also work on providing better protection for walkers and bicyclists from traffic.

For more details, visit the SFMTA website.