SAN FRANCISCO—Temporary animal shelters have been set up across the Bay Area in order to house dogs, rabbits, llamas and other animals after their permanent homes were deemed unsafe due to the wild fires surrounding San Francisco.

As the LNU, CZU and SCU Lightning Complex fires burn through California, Daly City’s Cow Palace Arena and Event Center along with shelters and humane societies are acting as temporary lodging for displaced animals. The movement of the creatures is being likened to Noah’s Ark according to NBC Bay Area.

Buffy Martin Tarbox of the Peninsula Humane Society told NBC Bay Area, “Horses and livestock displaced by the CZU Lightning Complex wildfire are being housed at the Cow Palace as of Friday.”

Tarbox also said the Peninsula Humane Society is working alongside the San Mateo County Large Animal Evacuation Group in this growing battle. 

As of August 22, at least 50 goats, one donkey, one horse and a collection of llamas were forced out of their homes by the CZU Lightning Complex and are currently taking shelter at Cow Palace, which San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa told FOX KTVU is set up “perfectly” for a tragedy such as this one.

At the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, an evacuation center for animals has also been set up. This center has already taken in dozens of displaced pigs, horses, llamas and other livestock.