UNITED STATES─I swear I feel like this COVID-19 pandemic has taught us as a country we are way stronger than what we perceive. However, being locked down for weeks is something that can be quite trying America, and I mean trying. Imagine going 3 months without a haircut, being in the house for weeks on end, having to wear a face mask in public, worrying about catching COVID-19 or passing it on to someone that you care about.

I mean the face mask itself is so tough to wear. Not because I don’t want to wear it, but the fact that when it’s hot outside, it makes it difficult at times for you to breathe or you sweat excessively. It is not the most comfortable thing to wear 24/7 people. With that said, I will be wearing that face mask for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has not ended, and anyone who seems to think that, they need to edge with caution. Why? COVID-19 has not gone anywhere, it has not disappeared; people are still contracting the virus, heck members of the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans of the NFL have contracted the virus, so that raises eyebrows for me.

I keep hearing people say they’re not going to wear a mask and it just upsets me. I totally get if you cannot wear the mask because of health reasons, but c’mon, if you can wear a mask, dammit you need to wear it. It is not fair for you to potentially spread the virus willingly or unwillingly, either way you have a duty to try to contain this virus as much as possible. Don’t just waddle around coughing, touching behaving as you did before. Hey people that’s the reason the coronavirus spread so much the first time around, not only were people not practicing good hygiene (which people should have been), but some people are just damn nasty and there is no way to get around it.

I saw people just falling right back into those bad habits and I can already sense a second wave of COVID-19 taking place and that worries me greatly. Why? If we thought the first time was bad, this second wave might be way worse. I mean already hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives and so many people have been diagnosed with the virus and recovered (thankfully), but we still don’t know a lot about this virus people. There are things we have yet to learn about how it travels, how long it stays on surfaces, can a person catch the virus again if they’ve been previously infected. These are things we just don’t know people.

States shut down one-by-one, but this time I can see the federal government shutting the country down entirely as a way to get a handle on things if it explodes far worse than it did the first time. Why? Well businesses that just saw their doors reopen will be forced to close those doors again, businesses will take a huge nosedive, people will be out of work, crime could rise, not to mention we’re in the midst of a crazy movement involving issues about race and police brutality. Things could significantly be worse than what it is now.

Could we see the government shutdown for 3 more months, 6 months, heck a year? It is indeed a possibility, which raises the question as to what will the government do if this transpires? Will more stimulus checks be sent out, how will people pay their rent, utilities, basic living expenses? I mean we seriously have to think about what could transpire if we do not take things seriously, and there are people who think that. Go ahead, take this virus as a joke and refuse to social distance, wear a mask, clean your hands and not practice good hygiene and see what happens.

This COVID-19 crisis is not a joke, and for some people, they haven’t seen people suffer or die from the virus, but if the shoe is placed on the other foot and it actually happens to you it might open up your eyes and the horizon to what you SHOULD be doing and what you should NOT be doing. I cannot preach any more than what I’m already preaching. For those that listen thanks, but for those who refuse to, don’t complain when the economy that just reopened is shut down in grandeur scale.

Written By Jason Jones