UNITED STATES—I feel like we live in a world where punctuality matters. You might ask me exactly what does that mean. Well, punctuality means being on time, but I sense people think they can meddle on the clock and no one will notice it. Well, in the professional arena many employers might not say something, but if you’re dealing with me I will say something. Nothing annoys me more than when a person is ambivalent or careless to wasting another person’s precious time.

Yes, we would like to all think are time is valuable, but there are some people, who’s ability to have free time is so limited just a mere minute can cause them to go into a fiery rage. I am one of those people. I don’t always sleep at night and because of that I tend to get up earlier than most and get cracking when it comes to work. If there is one thing I don’t like is wasting my time. I like things to be done, as soon as I can get them done. I learned in high school that if you procrastinate it is something that can indeed impact the rest of the day, the week, the month or the year.

Do not wait to get things done; don’t place them on the back burner. Complete the tasks at hand as soon as you can complete the task without a delay. So this brings me to the question of the hour: WHY DO SOME PEOPLE ASSUME YOU JUST HAVE LOADS OF TIME FOR THEM? It’s a pretty good question, one that I wish I had an answer to, but I don’t. People for some reasons assume I have a 24/7 availability. Sorry America I don’t. I’m someone who has a full-time job, I work a part-time job and then I’m a full-time graduate student. I am the pure epitome of someone who has very limited if any spare time at all.

I mean I get one day during the week where don’t have to work either job and don’t have any obligations when it comes to school. That one day is Saturday. I’ve made a promise to myself and I have made it clear to those in my orbit that Saturday is MY DAY! Do not bother me with anything work related on that day, I don’t care. If the company can’t operate on 24 hours with me, than that says a lot. If people are actively doing their jobs I shouldn’t have to step in all the time to try to fix or remedy things.

It is so frustrating for people to not even consider the notion that just because you email me on my off day, you should expect a response back. That is why it’s called an off day; you’re not supposed to work on that day. The body needs an opportunity to refuel or rest. No one wants to work 24/7 and even if you’re someone that does it, trust me it’s not something you want to do for the rest of your life. It becomes exhausting, you will indeed get burnt out and then what.

When it comes to work and business, get to the point, and don’t sit around wasting my time telling me stories that have no relevance to the issue at hand. Do not think you can brown nose me talking about this and that and I will not pick up on it. I’m keen to noticing people’s antics; you can’t outsell and salesman. That’s the great thing about sales: you can spot a phony from a mile way America. If we’re speaking on the phone GET TO THE POINT! Going on a tangent about X, Y and Z is not going to save face if you didn’t do your job to begin with.

You were expected to do something; you get paid to do something, so do it! Nothing is more annoying than when someone drops the ball and then another person who already has a plate full with things to do, has to pick up the slack for someone else. Please tell me, anyone tell me what’s fair about that? There isn’t anything fair about it. It’s like telling a lie to try to save face, but in telling that lie it only makes you look 10x worse than what you did before you told the lie to begin with. Making the situation even worse is the fact that you lied about the issue to begin with.

Telling lies waste people’s time; don’t waste the time of someone who is so busy he or she never gets a single moment to themselves; when they do, they get bombarded with so much stuff, not only do they want to tear their hair out, they want to fire all the imbeciles and perhaps quit themselves in the process. Time is an extremely valuable thing to me. We only get 24 hours in a single day. As a result, any time wasted is time that you cannot get back. Think about that when you take up the valuable time of your coworkers, boss, friends or family members by not taking that into consideration.

Written By Kelsey Thomas