UNITED STATES—We’ve talked about customer service so much before in the past, but let’s talk about it yet again, because it seems we have reached a time in society where businesses simply do not care about their customers. I remember when customer service used to be the thing that mattered most for a company. Having a bad reputation with the customer is the worst thing because that bad publicity can spread like a plague if you ask me.

However, nowadays businesses could care less about how the customer feels about them or the service they provided. Let me give you a prime example, so many people are cutting the chord, i.e. Cable services today more than ever before. This is a direct result of streaming services, and the notion of paying more than what we should be paying. I remember talking to my Cable provider and complaining about the prices. Why the hell do I have to pay for 2000 channels, when I’m only watching like 50 of them in a good week?

Half of the channels are duplicates and there are some fees that make absolutely no sense, and I can’t get an explanation for my life if it depended on it. You call a customer rep, you’re placed on hold, you get in touch with a rep they are just nasty or uncaring. Representatives are just getting worse every single day and the corporations are not taking into account how bad some of their reps are actually are to paying consumer. It’s like losing 1 customer is no such big deal, losing 10, that’s not bad either, hell, lose a 1000 customers and they are still not sweating.

Now, let’s say they see a 50 percent drop in sales that might catch the company’s attention faster than anything else. However, no company has seen such an extensive punch in the gut to realize you don’t have to bend over backwards for customers. Respect comes a long way, but at the same time, you can’t ignore loyal customers. Those who pay their bill every single month for years or who have stuck by you when they were screwed or saw an unexpected price hike that could not be fully explained without leaving one baffled or slightly upset in the process.

The thing I want to make crystal clear when I refer to quality customer service my focus is not on retailers or restaurants, its services like telephone providers, Cable providers, insurance companies utility providers. It’s like those things we really NEED live, do not think it’s important to show respect to customers. I mean I recently dined at an establishment where the service was exceptional; I mean it was exceptional. The service was great, the food was fantastic and I felt appreciated. They didn’t just want my money; they cared about delivering the best possible service ever.

Counter that when you’re dealing with the utility companies, the Cable companies or perhaps the internet or telephone provider and you have a completely different story staring you in the face. The goal is not to assist you with the problem at hand, their goal is to get you off the phone, and they could care less how you feel after the call ends. I mean there are reps who are so nasty, so evil, so impatient with customers, you would think more people would have thrown the towel in right away.

For reasons I cannot explain, some are able to woo their customers back, while others just severe the ties, move on and never look back. So many companies try to get their customers to do auto pay, but you’ll never get me. Why? Why even ask such a stupid question? I’m not giving ANYONE access to my account to just take money as they please and then I have to back and fight like tooth and nail to dispute a charge when my bill is way higher than what it should be. Yes, this is something so many businesses do and then they want to save you $5 or $10 bucks along the way. Give me a break and stop wasting my time.

Plain and simple if you’re paying for a service and you don’t like what’s being given to you get rid of them. Don’t feel the need to stay with a provider that you cannot stand. It’s not fair to you, and to be frank you should not be forced to do so.

Written By Kelsey Thomas