UNITED STATES—I really don’t understand the behavior in this country anymore. It just feels like people do not care about others. Things have to operate their way and be damned what others think. It is almost like the notion of chivalry being dead. I don’t think chivalry is dead. There are guys out there who are still gentlemen and will hold the door for a woman, open the car door, pull out their chair and walk on the sidewalk near the curb.

However, holding a door open doesn’t apply to just guys. If you see a person getting ready to enter an establishment behind you, it should be a given that you hold the door open for them. Guess what America, people are not doing that. I experienced that more times than I can count on a recent outing. I’m holding the door for individuals to enter, and they didn’t even offer a thank you. Really? You cannot take a second to say two little words, “Thank You!”

Someone holding the door for you is not mandatory; that is a courtesy and the least you can do is thank them for doing it. That’s not all; I cannot fathom why people can use a public restroom and find it acceptable to leave the bathroom without washing your hands. That is beyond disgusting, and it makes one question, who raised you? You are carrying germs on your hands if you don’t wash them after using the restroom. I cannot tell you how many people I witnessed do it like it was no big deal. You’re about to enter other stores, establishments and touch things spreading your germs.

If anything, the pandemic taught us we were being careless about washing our hands and ensuring we’re not touching our face, mouth, nose or ears without cleaning our hands first and spreading germs. It is bad when a kid does it because the parent is not teaching proper hygiene, but it is even worst when an adult does it. When a bad habit is taught to a child, it tends to continue into adulthood.

Then you have the issue of people just walking without a care in the world. I’m referring to people just literally stopping when they know other people are behind them. That is just simply rude to do such because there are other people in your orbit. 1) You can cause someone to collide into you unexpectedly 2) You halt the movement of traffic. It is such a pet peeve of mine I cannot explain it. The least you can do is move to a side or area where you know you’re not obstructing or blocking the movement of traffic.

Don’t even let me get into the throws of those side walkers. I’m referring to people who walk with a sway and I will be honest most of the time it feels intentional. Why? If you’re walking at an angle and then someone tries to cut around you, and you move in their direction, that is annoying. That is not a coincidence, you’re being an ass. It is like the level of rudeness in this world today makes you wonder if people have common sense. It is like driving a car while on a cell phone, that is how accidents happen, yet people continue to do it as if they don’t have a care in the world.

The world is NOT all about you, and that is something we need to learn more about in this country. Think about your fellow neighbor; think about the person who might need help holding a door, picking up something that has fallen. The list goes on and on, but we turn a blind eye to things that we should not. Common sense does not require a college education, it doesn’t require extensive knowledge, it just takes a moment to think about others and not just yourself.