SAN FRANCISCO—Over the weekend, several crowds gathered at Dolores Park, located on the edge of San Francisco’s Mission District, leaving behind piles of litter scattered across the grass regions.

After being renovated for $20.5 million in 2016, the 16-acre sector of land has become a popular location for people to hang out when the weather is warm.

Park attendees arrived on Saturday, April 1 with portable grills, lawn chairs, blankets, music speakers, and coolers. Trash items left behind included food trays, bags, and boxes, red plastic cups, beer bottles and cans, condiment bottles, and charcoal bags.

Sarah Madland, a representative for San Francisco Recreation and Parks, disclosed that officials spent nearly 48 hours cleaning up the litter, filling a total of 400 trash bags. Residents who live near the park have expressed their annoyance.

Sandra Nazzal, who has lived near the park for 25 years, told the SF Gate, “I cannot believe that we are a city with so many privileged people who think it is alright to leave their trash on the grass. I actually asked someone about picking up their trash (this was a while ago) and he said that people are being paid to pick up the trash. San Francisco is a changing and I’m not sure it’s for the best.”

This is reportedly not the first incident of uncleaned litter at Dolores Park due to the heightened popularity from the prior renovation. Trash cans placed around the perimeter of the park were overflowing with litter.