HOLLYWOOD—We have been waiting and waiting, and finally the wheels are finally churning as the downfall of Peter August is finally upon us on “General Hospital.” Yes, it seems the days of Valentin Cassadine being the notorious villain is indeed shifting. How so? He went to Anna Devane and confessed all. Yes that’s right, Valentin told Anna all about Peter’s wicked deeds that left her dumbfounded.

Yes Anna, Peter arranged for Drew to die, he framed Sam for Shiloh’s murder, he was responsible for Drew’s kidnapping in Iraq, Jason being held at that Switzerland hospital, attempting to murder Franco and Andre and the icing on the cake was the fact that he framed Liesl Obrecht for all of it. That is a laundry list of chaos America. Anna gave Peter every opportunity to spill his guts, but guess what he remained quiet as a mouse people.

Worried about the people around them, Anna and Valentin devised a plan to take down Peter, even if it means he hates them for the rest of their lives. Well, there is a hiccup in that plan: Obrecht. While snooping in Maxie’s apartment, she learned that Alex NOT Anna is Peter’s mother. Yes, that is game changing information that Anna and Valentin hoped to never get out, but Peter learned the truth this week and it changed everything when Anna was forced to spill the truth, that little secret was problematic for Finn as well, as it proved that his bride to be was not honest with him.

Making the situation worse is the fact that Valentin and Anna went forward with their plan to take down Peter and it all started with having him kidnapped on his wedding day. How Peter could NOT see Valentin was giving him absolutely every opportunity possible to come clean; Valentin nearly spelt it out to Peter, especially when he stopped Maxie from wedding Peter AFTER he learned that Alex was his mother.

All this wedding mayhem, spilled over as tension between Jackie and Finn escalated as he wanted to know if Chase is truly his brother or his son. Remember Finn conducted a paternity test of his own using his DNA and Chase’s to get to the bottom of things. The results were in, but Finn delayed reading them at Jackie’s ushering. Hmm, something tells me that Finn is indeed Chase’s father and this bombshell is about to be a ton of fun seeing the big reveal America.

The Nina and Carly feud is still going, even though Michael and Willow did their best to simmer it down by allowing Wiley to bond with his grandmother. Too bad Carly decided to interrupt that and make veiled threats. Dammit Carly, you just caught a break with the investigation into Nelle’s death and here you are gloating already. Try to make peace with Nina for Wiley’s sake or things will get uglier than what they already are.

Martin and Jackie located Florence who was being taken care of by Bobbie of all people. The duo just didn’t expect Jason to be lying in wait when they arrived. Martin got to see and speak to his mother, too bad Cyrus has no idea as, not only did Jackie publish an expose on Cyrus he was not happy about, but the board at GH refused to consider his drug. Hmm, Cyrus is not happy and an unhappy Cyrus is not a good Cyrus people.

Franco’s tumor is taking a turn for the worse as it’s not shrinking and violent outbursts are scaring his family, especially Cameron who just shaved his head as a sign of solidarity to his stepfather. Franco realized the tumor is getting worse and vowed to leave the home as a safety precaution, just as he spilled information to Liz and Jason that the voices of Peter and Drew are intensifying.

There is buzz that Franco might be killed off and based on what the writers are hinting that seems to be true. This means a possible murder mystery and Peter’s full exposure will NOT transpire I feel until May sweeps where we could see another murder mystery: Peter August.

There is one more thing we have to point out, Ava has been targeted by a mysterious figure, someone who sent her a dead roach and a letter indicating that she is a survivor. Of course, Ava and Nikolas thought it was Ryan Chamberlain and paid him a visit, however, Ryan gave no indication it was him. As a result, the viewers spotted a letter that was sent to Spencer Cassadine from Ryan that was returned. A very interesting development to say the least people.