HOLLYWOOD—Its no secret audiences have been eagerly waiting the reveal of Cesar Faison (Anders Dove) to Anna (Finola Hughes).  Anna has been engrossed in a love affair with her former lover back from the dead Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan); only Duke has been impersonated by Faison.  Last month “General Hospital” writers wowed viewers by revealing that the real Duke is indeed alive.

On Monday, Anna came face-to-face with her tormentor as she knocked down Duke’s hotel door to find Faison waiting in the wings. It was indeed a tense moment as a visibly shaken Anna unleashed a blood-curling scream.  Faison’s reveal was just the beginning of his plans for Anna as he insisted he was not an imposter, but revealed the real Duke to Anna who was blown away.

Words couldn’t describe Anna’s reaction to seeing the real Duke tied up.  She nearly fainted.  Things just became more twisted as Faison implemented his latest plan to get Anna to “love” him.  He ushered the real Duke Lavery away, while continuing his masquerade as Anna’s former flame.

Duke didn’t expect John McBain (Michael Easton) and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) to show up at his hotel room and call his bluff.  If he was indeed the real Duke a little heat should prove it, and like that Faison is exposed.  Anna is sent another shocking blow as her nemesis is taken into custody, but what about Robin? It’s just a matter of time before the news about Robin’s survival will be announced, at what I believe will take place at the Nurse’s Ball.  Yep, that iconic event is in the midst of returning thanks to Sabrina who discovers that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is her key to getting funding.

This is indeed huge news for “GH” fans that haven’t seen Lucy on the small screen in years.  The return of familiar faces is absolutely turning this soap into a must see each week.  The plotlines are becoming juicier every moment.

Photo courtesy of News OK.

With Faison in custody, I’m sure this mastermind has more tricks up his sleeve that is indeed going to shake up the residents of Port Charles in the coming weeks.  He may not have his love Anna, but if he can’t have her no one will.  With all this drama going on, it’s hard to miss the continued battle for Michael’s (Chad Duell) affection from A.J. (Sean Kanan), Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard).  Michael’s biological father appears to up to his old tricks now that his legal troubles are far behind him.  I can’t help, but speculate that his presumed dead brother Jason (Steve Burton) will be making a comeback to shake up a few lives.

Don’t miss the twists and turns on “General Hospital” airing weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC. Let the drama continue!

By LaDale Anderson