Image courtesy of Screen Rant.

HOLLYWOOD—It’s no secret, the 2006 flick “Superman Returns” was an absolute disaster.  The casting was not right, the story was flat and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was laughable.  So when word came around that a reboot/new installment in the franchise was arriving in theaters it had me skeptical.  Once word buzzed that Christopher Nolan, the guy responsible to revitalizing the comic book universe with his new chapters in the Batman saga, I was intrigued to learn more.

For those who saw the first trailer for the reboot “Man of Steel” it’s evident the picture has a more serious tone; what many would say Nolan universe. If Nolan, rebooted Batman, it’s a given he wouldn’t deliver anything else for Superman.  Zack Synder heralds the director chair for the film and has proven himself to be a genius behind the camera with his successful hits “Watchmen” and “300.”

The new trailer does indeed have a somber tone as much more is attention is given to the childhood of ClarkKent.  Glimpses of his parents portrayed byDiane Laneand Kevin Costner are seen.   His love interest Lois Lane(Amy Adams) helps Clark grapple with his newfound destiny.  The vicious General Zod (Michael Shannon) begins his onslaught on the planet.  There is a lot happening in the trailer, but the glimpses are so brief it works as the spectator is not able to decipher every single detail of the picture.

British actor Henry Cavill appears right at home in the title role, whether his performance succeeds predecessors Christopher Reeves, Brandon Routh, Tom Welling and Dean Cain is still up for debate. Audiences will be eagerly awaiting the hotly anticipated superhero picture which arrives in theaters June 14, 2013.

By LaDale Anderson