HOLLYWOOD—The moment that Drew Quartermaine locked eyes with Carly Corinthos on that bridge after she caught Sonny and Nina in bed together was all I needed to know that in due time this two would hook up on “General Hospital.” At first I did not see the pairing people, but when you have Drew being portrayed only by Billy Miller who made the character iconic, it would not be too hard for Cameron Mathison.

After Sonny showed his loyalty to Nina over Michael during that trial, Carly has completely severed any possibility of the two reuniting. So her eyes have been focused on building her relationship with Drew, Jason’s twin brother. I sensed the writers might be headed in this direction and now I am certain this is the writer’s endgame at this point people. Drew and Carly shared ice cream and she was caught ‘staring’ while seeing him swim at the Metro Court people. Carly had fire in those eyes and once they share that passionate first kiss I do believe this will be a game changer for the friends. How that plays over with other residents in Port Charles that will be interesting? Especially, Sonny Corinthos who has never been all that fond of Drew to begin with, especially once Jason Morgan who was presumed dead the first time returned from the dead and we know he is presumed dead yet again and when he returns to the flesh all sorts of lives will be blown to bits people.

Spencer is planning to utilize Uncle Victor in his quest to discover Esme’s birth parents. Victor is asking all the right questions about why Esme hasn’t looked. Too bad Victor has been focused on tanking Laura Collins as Mayor of Port Charles. Victor is responsible for Luke Spencer’s death, one that has NOT been confirmed, but I don’t think viewers will see Anthony Geary on the soap anytime soon if ever again.

Looks like the writers are starting to forge the redemption story for Esme Prince as she discovers from Kevin and Felicia of all people that Ryan Chamberlain her ‘father’ (I want to believe he is her blood) is beyond dangerous and might even kill her. Yeah, I didn’t think Ryan would murder his own daughter, but the more Kevin spoke the more serious it became: once Ryan has what he wants Esme might be a goner. It is also a possibility that Ryan is NOT even Esme’s daughter, she might be the long lost daughter of Felicia and Mac, which would be somewhat predictable in my opinion.

Yeah, it’s complicated, but it appears the viewers might be on that journey for someone in Port Charles to discover that Esme’s biological lineage, and Victor has all the necessary resources to make that happen. Valentin is keeping secrets from Anna who si well aware, but doing her best to keep her cool, but I wonder when this will blow up in his face. Spinelli was blackmailed by Cody, which is bound to be exposed at some point as its clear Cody has something on Dante that he will only use if he has to.

Esme’s digging into Ryan’s past prompted Kevin’s curiosity as he realized that Esme has been up to no good and now his eyes has been opened. He terminated her internship at Springridge and has ensured that her ties with Ryan were severed completely and she was NOT happy one bit people. This narrative is really ramping up in the best possible way.