SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, December 26, officers from the San Francisco  Police Department Tenderloin Station arrested two men for unrelated drug dealing incidents in the area.  Rosman Estrada, 21, was caught by police making a drug deal at 8th and Market Street on the BART stairs.  

Officers seized 67 bindles of heroin, meth, cocaine, a cell phone, and $964 in cash from Estrada. He was arrested and taken into police custody. 

On the same day, officers arrested Antonio Acosta for violating a court SA order.  When officers confronted Acosta on 7th and Market Street, near CVS establishment, he ran off. Officers engaged in a foot chase to catch Acosta. 

After detaining the suspect, officers located bindles of meth, heroin and cocaine in Acosta’s possession. He was previously sentenced to probation on December 6 for the same offense.