HOLLYWOOD—Who would have guessed that an earthquake in Port Charles would be all it took for Samantha Morgan to FINALLY reveal her feelings for Jason Morgan on “General Hospital?” I didn’t, but when you put people in life and death situations the truth always surfaces. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how an earthquake transpired in Port Charles, New York. Yes, this is the soap arena so anything can happen, but I like to have a little bit of realism with my daytime storytelling.

Back to the issue at hand, the audience knows that quake was a direct result of Jim Harvey. Man this guy is indeed a snake to say the least. He’s running around town telling lies and implementing all types of shady dealings to get his way. I mean Franco was literally on the cusp of learning that HE DID NOT cause Drew to tumble down those stairs, but it may have been Jim Harvey that committed the deed and pinned things on a child.

However, Jim has already done major damage by revealing his ‘tale’ to Drew and Sam. Drew being the hothead that he is confronted Franco about what really transpired. I mean things with Drew are very interesting because his love for Sam is nothing to be questioned, but I sense he could be getting closer to Kim and that creates a new ripple. I sensed Kim and Julian getting closer, but it looks like the writers might be shifting things in the direction to pair Drew and Kim back together. I mean Drew was the hero at the dance, not only protecting the kids, but saving Oscar and Josslyn.

In the midst of rescuing his son and his girlfriend, Drew found himself trapped in the rumble. So who would have ever thought Franco, yes, that guy would be the one to help Dante to save Drew, who isn’t a fan of Franco’s America. Speaking of Franco, he was left for dead by Jim, but it was Sam and Jason, yes, two other people who despise the guy, who came to his aide. Jason Morgan HATES Franco, so for Sam to convince him to save his enemy is a game changer.

This all culminated with Elizabeth, who after pouring out her heart to Jason about attempting to forgive Franco for his previous misdeeds overheard Sam confess her love to Jason. Whoa, that is going to shake things in ways I never expected. Liz might use this information to fracture Drew and Sam, which would open up the door for Sam and Jason, or perhaps, just perhaps gives Liz an opportunity to go after Drew and Jason. I mean this looks super messy, and considering Liz loves Franco, we could see Liz, Jason, Sam, Drew, Franco and Kim in some super complicated love triangle with multiple outcomes.

Why in the world are the writers constantly teasing the reunion between Julian and Alexis? Viewers know it’s going to transpire one way or another; it is NO SURPRISE! However, the interesting development of the hour is the growing bond between Peter and Maxie. Yes, even Nina realizes that Peter’s relationship with Maxie is off and she warned him to back off. Looks like Peter took note, but keeping up this charade of his true identity is going to explode big time. Why? Well, Anna who was certain she had a daughter with Faison learned that Valentin decided her and that she actually had a son!

Peter recently had that test by Griffin to ensure he doesn’t have Huntington’s Disease, and after Anna spilled details to Griffin about looking for Faison’s other son (who just so happens to be her child), the writing should be clear. Anna just needs to connect the dots to realize that Peter is her long lost son. The more interesting development is how Valentin will spin his lie and what he does when the truth about Peter, Faison and his role in the Drew and Jason memory mapping comes to light. Nina is not going to be happy, in fact I think everyone in PC will be out for Valentin’s head on a silver platter.

Per usual, Carly is still adamant about neutralizing Nelle from Michael’s life, just as she and Sonny deal with Mike and his early stages of dementia. I mean this is a harrowing tale to watch, and Sonny is showcasing a softer side to the mob boss. Sonny should keep his eyes open because Ava is desperate to regain custody of her daughter Avery. Just have to point this out, where are the “GH” writers headed with this uncomfortable relationship between Kiki and Dr. Bensch. It is something that appears off and something isn’t right about it. So, while intrigued to see where it goes, I am cautiously optimistic. Thank God, Kiki decided not to take up the doctor’s offer for dinner and drinks, but it totally rose a red flag for her to be careful with this doctor on staff.

Must say I am interesting in watching this dynamic fold between Drew and Franco. Both pals (a term I use lightly) are well aware that Jim Harvey isn’t telling the entire truth, and as a result they are aligning to discover the truth about what happened to them as kids. Remember that new detective that swooped into town to replace Nathan, Detective Chase? Well, it looks like the guy has some PC connections after all: he is Finn’s brother!

Yeah, I wouldn’t have expected that from a million miles away, but it does cause friction in Finn’s burgeoning relationship with Alexis, who is still pinning after Julian who seems to have a thing for Kim. Yes, its super complicated, but this sets the stage for some interesting dynamics where the audience will learn a bit more about Harrison Chase and Finn himself. It looks like Drew and Franco are getting closer to learning the truth about Mr. Harvey, but that looks to spill trouble on “General Hospital” people!