UNITED STATES—There are those days where I just tell myself I cannot cook. Even though I might want to do it, the body is just not up for it and takeout or fast food because the option. That is a meal just for that time frame of the day, but what about the other meals? I mean are you really going to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I don’t know a person who truly does that, I know people who might do takeout for lunch and dinner, but not breakfast to.

I mean think about the cost of food with all that takeout? Think about DoorDash or Uber Eats, which exploded more than ever in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic; each delivery or meal cost money people. Something that would be sliced in half if you made the dish at home; you’re paying double with takeout people. I’ve fallen into that trap at times eating out, when I should just cook a meal at home. The thing about eating out and I don’t care what anyone says, it never fully satiates you.

Tell me someone who has gotten takeout or who have dined out and actually gotten full from the meal that was just consumed. It might do it for 1 hour, but soon after you’re hungry again and to me that just cannot be healthy for the body. You cannot sit here and tell me it is, because in all truth we know it is not. I know in the past month I’ve easily spent $300 in eating out and it has hit me. What in the hell could I have done with that $300 and been much more productive with?

For starters, I could have gone to the grocery store and actually bought food, healthy food at that and sliced what I spent dining and such, in half. Probably saving over $100 or more and had food that last more than a month if not longer. You have to start seeing where the money is going to be able to remedy the issue before realizing it is an issue. That is indeed the sucky part people, but it’s a life lesson. We’ve become too frivolous with money. If you got it, why not spend it. That sounds accurate, but then you have to put another perspective in place: just because you have it today, does NOT mean you will have it tomorrow.

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen at any given moment, so we should be wise to what we spend and where we are spending it. Look, this is NOT ME SAYING do not eat out, it is me saying I need to eat out less and it’s not just because I’m spending large amounts of money, it’s the fact that that money could be used for other things people

You are allowed to eat out once a week, hell twice a week, maybe three times at most, now if you’re eating out 5-6 days a week that would raise major concerns for me because that means you’re never cooking at home and that just cannot be healthy for your overall spirit and body. We have all been in that situation, where we just ate something enjoyable, but realize what we’ve eaten is perhaps the worst possible thing for our bodies in the long run.

Just start by cutting 1-2 meals that you normally do for takeout or dining out and actually whip a meal at home. Think about the money you will save and how satiated you will become in the process. This may get one to actually see the benefits of eating at home that impacts not just your body, but your wallet in the process.

Written By Jason Jones