HELLO AMERICA!—Many people consider Asia as being the center of the martial arts world even though it has never been a proven birthplace of all the arts. However, it can’t be denied that its influence upon martial arts and the most prominent arts originated from the region Kung Fu, Karate, Hwa rang do.

History has shown that martial arts have thrived, especially when combined with martial arts from other cultures.  For example, Mitsujo Maeda brought jujutsu to Brazil and taught the art to young Helio Gracie who ultimately created jiu-jitsu.  This opened the door to Eddie Bravo of Mexican heritage, who introduced his brand in Los Angeles which caused the young and older citizens to clamor to see what the excitement was all about.

After tons of exhibitions and training classes which standing-room crowds exhibited their excitement, the name Eddie Bravo thrived by leaps and bounds through the years in Los Angeles.  All the years of hard work, dealing with the building of a meaningful, character building sports organization such as EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational).

EBI is a “submission” only grappling tournament, featuring 16 competitors with the winner taking home a possible $20,000.  Every EBI is the story of one man who fights his way to the top of the bracket, defeating four others in a contest of deadly techniques, strength, and will.  The only way to win is by submitting the opponent with only grappling.  No strikes in this prestigious sport known as submission grappling.

Chael Sonnen, former UFC Fighter offered: “If I walk into an (EBI) tournament and I don’t know anybody, by the second round, I know everybody, by the semi-finals I’m invested and by the finals, I can tell you everything I need to know about those guys!”

EBI enhanced the viewing pleasure of MMA audiences by making the submission the keystone to the show as well as placing attention on a highly active wrestling uniform and one mat that features a 16-man tournament. This results with a winner who joyously takes home the grand prize of $20,000.

Eddie Bravo, recognized as a living legend in the world of martial arts states: “The show is designed for the fans. The audience wins big when the competitors are forced to go after each other, making EBI perfect for mass audiences.”  EBI exec producer and Fox Deportes UFC expert analyst VICTOR DAVILA well known in the martial arts community totally agrees with this.

A-list competitors and celebrity personalities have flocked to the show in just two short years of its inception.  It was quickly realized the EB’s first step in the international market was a success, held at the CNAR Olympic training facility in Mexico City, Mexico.  At the very first televised American grappling event, EBI packed the seats of the Orpheum Theater with both dedicated and casual fans alike. Attendees included jujitsu living legends Rickson Gracie and Jean Jacques Mahado, major TV and online personalities like Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz and several professional fighters such as current UFC heavyweight champion Fabrico Werdum.

For those unable to experience the action in person, EBI is broadcast live to audiences around the world on UFC Fight Pass and UFC network.