Eddy Zheng Pardoned By Governor Brown


SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco resident Eddy Zheng is one of 83 people who received a full pardon from California Governor Jerry Brown.

Zheng, originally convicted of burglary, robbery, false imprisonment with violence, robbery in an inhabited house and kidnapping to commit robbery, has served 24 years of a prison sentence that first began in 1986.

Eddy Zheng
Eddy Zheng has become a community leader in San Francisco since his release from prison in 2010.

The justification of Zheng’s pardon is that “he has lived an honest and upright life, exhibited good moral character, and conducted himself as a law abiding citizen.”

After his incarceration, Zheng became a project director at the Community Youth Center of San Francisco and volunteers for several city organizations, including the Central Police Station’s Community Police Advisory Board and the San Francisco Reentry Council.

Governor Brown’s pardon also claims that Zheng has made hundreds of anti-violence presentations for school children and at other public gatherings. As a result, the pardon says that he has “has paid his debt to society and earned a full and unconditional pardon.”