UNITED STATES—How are your electronics working America? Are you happy with that TV that you purchased? What about that laptop or desktop computer? Any issues with your cell phone or tablet? Well I’ve seen a trend lately and I wanted to address it because it has taken a big hit to my wallet. I recall maybe 10 years ago, if you purchased a TV it would last 10-15 years. That is no longer the case America. With the ever-growing advancement of technology, a flat-screen TV at most will last 5 years. Yes, you heard me correctly, 5 years at most.

Why did I say at most? There is a strong possibility that TV will be done within 3-4 years depending on how much TV you watch at your house. I purchased 2, not 1, but 2 3D television sets around 6-7 years ago. The first one lasted no more than a year before it broke. Did I get the warranty? No. I’m not really a fan of warranties cause a lot of the time it turns into a situation where the warranty doesn’t do what it’s supposed to be. Mainly, the retailer does not want to just fork out a new product, they like to ‘fix’ the problem and save revenue, not lose it.

Less than 6 months later, the 3D TV in the basement goes out. Like my brain is literally fried, I’m frustrated upset and just baffled. Is this a coincidence? Is someone trying to punish me America? For reasons I cannot fathom, the TV in the basement did have a warranty and it wasn’t for 2 years, it was 4 years. And thank God for that, because if it was less than 4 years I would have been in major trouble and out another $1,000 plus TV.

Yeah, if you go to various retailers nowadays, they will simply tell you without any HESITATION, “Yeah, the TV will last only about 5 years.” My response is a bit of a head roll. Why in the world would anyone be ok with spending $1,000 to $3,000 for a TV that is only going to last a few years at most? If I’m spending over $500 for a TV, that TV better last a decade or longer, otherwise I’m just tossing money in the trash.

Let’s really have the discussion on the issue regarding laptops and desktops. This is a trend that is seriously boiling my blood. I have purchased 3 computers within a 6-year period. One desktop and two laptops and it was not chump change. I have easily spent $1500 in computers, and none have lasted as long as they should last. I will admit my first laptop lasted longer, but I made the stupid error of hitting my laptop a bit harder than I should when the internet seemed to be faulty.

That is something that is a big issue I have to work on. I hate, and I mean hate with a passion a slow internet connection, especially when I’m spending loads of money on internet service. Now, with the most recent laptop that I purchased, I spent nearly $600 and I have no problem talking about the retailer and the brand of laptop that was bought. The item was purchased from ABC Warehouse (I will NEVER buy any item from this retailer again as long as I live), and the brand of the laptop was an HP. Why am I so livid?

Within less than a year, I already started having issues with the computer. What frustrated me more than anything was the revelation that I can’t even close the laptop. Why? The screen is starting to fracture or will crack. I have no idea how this transpired, because the laptop has never been dropped. It stays on my desk, I never slammed the laptop when closing, and so I’m baffled and at a loss for words when it comes to figuring out what led to this.

The only thing that seems to make sense is that I was sold a faulty laptop and I’m pissed about it. It’s like HP keeps sending me emails and I’ve unsubscribed from them. Please for the love of God stop emailing or contacting me. I will NEVER and I mean NEVER purchase another HP laptop as long as I live nor will I ever recommend the brand to anyone looking to purchase a laptop.

Some people might say I’m overthinking it, but I believe there is a conspiracy out there. The makers of electronics purposely create faults in their devices in an attempt to force the consumer to purchase the item over and over again therefore continuing to load their pockets and taking more money from Americans. I mean look at the debacle with Apple. Yeah, that excuse they gave about older devices and batteries. Try again Apple, because what you’re selling no one is buying. I mean Apple devices are the most expensive to say the least, so if anything they should last longer than any other electronic.

I guess the biggest piece of advice I have to give to Americans is to do your research before purchasing an electronic device. Consider the ins and outs of the device, factor in the brand, look at the price and above all consider how long the device is expected to la