HOLLYWOOD—Well that was indeed a quick turnaround. Why? Well “The Bold and the Beautiful” wasted no time in getting to what has been one of the best storylines of 2017, and is certain to be a storyline in 2018 talked about for the coming months. Bill Spencer has been going toe-to-toe with his righteous son Liam Spencer. The father and son have gone to battle a ton, after Liam learned about his father’s lie involving Caroline’s fake illness, his arson attempt on Spectra Fashions, not to mention him nearly killing him after blowing up the Spectra Fashions building.

However, Bill’s latest stunt of sleeping with Liam’s wife Steffy is unspeakable. As a viewer, I was certain Bill was wooing Steffy all along in his attempt to take down his son Liam for blackmailing him and taking over Spencer Publications. Liam was ecstatic when Steffy revealed she was pregnant, but making the issue complicated was the realization that her bundle of joy could be her father-in-law left her on edge. Steffy got great news, the baby is Liam’s, but she never expected her husband to find that paternity test in her purse.

The audiences were left with one hell of a cliffhanger for 2017 with Liam confronting his wife. If you ever expected “B&B” writers to drag this tale think again, because 2018 kicked off in epic fashion with Liam confronting Steffy, where she dropped the bomb that she slept with his father. Steffy was driven with grief, remorse, sorrow and utter pain. That cannot be good news for the baby people. Liam actually thought Bill drugged Steffy, and he was willing to give her another shot! When Steffy revealed the truth it changed everything, because Liam bolted in epic fashion America.

And I gotta say the acting from Scott Clifton, superb; you might as pencil him in as an Outstanding Supporting Actor, maybe Lead Actor in a Daytime Drama, because the look on his face when he learned Bill was the culprit was priceless. It takes a lot of talent to deliver such riveting scenes, and Clifton, Jacqueline MacInness Wood and Don Diamont performed in grand fashion this week.

While that confrontation was fun, it was the brutal battle between father and son once again that delivered the fireworks America. Liam tossed every possible word at his father before the two begin throwing fists. I thought Bill was one that was never remorseful, but I think he knows he has fractured his relationship with Liam forever, and it might not be repaired anytime soon if ever. The news of the betrayal that will rip through Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications first dropped into the lap of Katie. Hmm, must say Katie isn’t surprised considering Bill cheated on her TWICE, and both times were with her older sister.

Katie was stunned by the revelation, more because she never saw Steffy cheating on Liam, let alone with Bill of all people. I wonder if Katie is willing to share with Steffy that she is hooking up with Bill’s son Wyatt! Now that would be information that could deliver another blow to Bill that I’m not certain he can take at this moment. With Liam and Steffy’s relationship in cahoots, it seems Sally would be in the running, but with Hope returning at the end of the month, it seems like the TRUE LOVEBIRDS in my opinion are about to be reunited in the midst of a unbelievable scandal.

In a surprise that I suspect no one saw coming, could there be trouble in paradise for Rick and Maya. I’ve always noted that Maya was no saint. Remember she was at first with Carter, and then pinned after Rick knowing that he was in a relationship with Caroline. It was apparent Maya wanted Rick and she made it happen. However, out of nowhere Carter has made his feelings clear to Maya.

Perhaps the writers are looking to stir things a bit and deliver some drama and finally give Carter a storyline except for portraying the lawyer for Forrester Creations. Interesting to say the least, because this is a welcome change for the love life of Maya and Rick which has been so happy for way too long, a few rumbles is never a bad thing. If the first week of “B&B” has been this explosive I wonder what is in store for the remaining 51 weeks!