LOS ANGELES—Billionaire and tech magnate Elon Musk publicly released the first image of The Boring Company’s latest project on Saturday, October 28.

Musk posted the image on his Twitter account with the caption “Picture of The Boring Company LA tunnel taken yesterday.” The image depicts an underground tunnel, complete with lighting, piping, and tracks.

The Boring Company, an infrastructure firm founded by Musk in 2016, specializes in tunneling construction. Part of the company’s mission is to investigate the possibility of installing high-speed, “hyperloop” track systems underneath Los Angeles to facilitate quick transit across the city and alleviate traffic congestion. The city provided The Boring Company with a test permit in August 2016.

Hyperloop train systems generally operate on the system of utilizing negative air pressure and electric induction currents to swiftly transport passengers or freight. By drastically reducing air pressure in the tunnels, hyperloop systems cancel out most of the effects of air pressure and friction. This allows the cars to travel exceptionally fast relative to standard subway trains or locomotives.

The Boring Company’s first expected route will run from LAX, near Hawthorne, where the company headquarters is located-along the 405 North-South to the 101. According to Musk via his Instagram page, exit ramps will be located at roughly every mile along the track.

The Boring Company is also planning to install a route from Baltimore to New York, as well as systems in Texas. Musk’s other ventures include private transport and aerospace firm, SpaceX, and electric car manufacturing company, Tesla, Inc.