HOLLYWOOD—It just seemed like yesterday when the FOX series “Empire” took the TV world by storm. I mean it was literally the one show everyone was talking about, and the one show people could not get enough talking about. It has been a fun ride up to this point, but it looks like the Lyons clan is in dire straits with the kick-off of the fifth season.

Yes, Cookie and Lucious have lost their ‘Empire’ from their pal Eddie Barker, and it’s been two years since that twisted, and I mean twisted finale where Anika aka Boo Boo Kitty finally paid for all her devious actions at the hands of Andre. For those who don’t remember, Anika was responsible not only for the death of Rhonda and Andre’s unborn child, but she killed Rhonda as well. We also have to discuss that shocking shooting that ended with one hell of a cliffhanger.

Questions were indeed answered America, the biggest being what happened to the Lyons clan after Cookie chose to sell the company to Eddie Barker to keep her one true love, Lucious out of prison.? Let’s just say the Lyons have hit rock bottom, oh, how the mighty have fallen. Jamal seemed entangled in the legal battle between Eddie and Cookie, just as his parents started to sell off items to recoup cash. Becky seems to be working overtime, with her new boss, Giselle Barker.

Hakeem was actually shot in the chest, and I was certain that his pal was a goner, but not so much. Hakeem is recovering and Cookie may have just found a hidden gem that could turn things around for her family. Tiana and Hakeem did their best to perform on stage, but Hakeem’s injury is impacting his performance on the stage, which allowed Chet to intervene and save the day. Cookie did her best to make a scene, by spilling a drink on Giselle, which irked her enemy to say the least.

Oh, I love this new rivalry, things look like they will indeed be fun for season 5 people. Cookie and Lucious got the goods on Eddie about skimming the books at Empire, and it looks like they got the ammunition to take down their rival. I never thought in the first episode of the new season, the Lyon clan would turn things around so quickly. Giselle is at Eddie’s throat over potentially losing her power position at the top.

Jamal spoke a bit of truth, but Lucious and Cookie weren’t too receptive to hear what he said in the beginning. Wow, Andre is spending time behind bars for his actions last season, just as Cookie wanted her oldest son to look for the woman with the voice, that woman was Treasure, a social worker who’s dream to be a singer might start to form within her eyes.

Hakeem is battling some demons, similar demons that only his brother Jamal can understand. Lucious and Cookie did their best to coach Treasure to find her voice. She was naïve, but they did their best to coach her to dig deep. She was indeed an inspiration, and Lucious was able to craft a bit with ease, and the song was catchy as hell.

Looks like Jamal is turning his back on his family when they need him most. Ok, we’re back at that casket, the question I want to know who is in that casket, it is someone very close to Lucious and we have mystery that is going to have me hooked until the truth is revealed. “Empire” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.