HOLLYWOOD—One would think that “Survivor” has not been on for years, but the series kicked off its 37th, yes, you heard me correct, 37th season this year with a new theme: ‘David vs. Goliath.’ I feel “Survivor” is the one series that can introduce a new theme each season that actually works, whereas “Big Brother” doesn’t rely on themes as much, but more on contestants. Maybe I’m pulling teeth here, but that is totally another conversation to discuss the variations between two of my favorite reality-competition series.

This season it looks like a battle of the underdogs against the titans and I’m interested to see how things will unfold with this latest twist in play. What am I referring to? A power that allows one to neutralize an immunity idol! This is something I have been wanting to see transpire for years, so to see this come to fruition is a good thing. Already the Goliath tribe is feeling themselves a bit, and I will admit within 3 minutes some people have egos, ones that are way too big to say the least.

I feel viewers will be rooting for the underdogs because their stories strike you directly in the heart; you feel for these people and I already know who I will be rooting for without any doubt. The David tribe was allowed to select the weakest players and utilize their strongest players, however, the twist was the David tribe got to select what challenge each tribe would select. Well isn’t it interesting, the David tribe proved to be victorious over their competitors.

I sense not all the characters on the Goliath tribe are annoying, it seems like Kara and Dan will be a showmance. That rarely happens in “Survivor” so it will be interesting to see how that unfolds. It looks like tension already on the David tribe with Christian and Pat. Pat is indeed taking on the role of leader of the tribe. Unfortunately, Pat is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. Not good, not one bit. The friction on these

Tribes are thick, Natalia and Natalie are at odds; its only Day 1 people! Alliances are indeed forming left and right, but the weather on the island is indeed getting worse, but Mike was busy looking for an idol while everyone else was chatting and placed a major target on his back. Looks like both Natalie and Mike could be allies. Nick is a bit of a schemer and his failure to actually work at the camp has placed a target on his back for some at the David tribe. Mike continued to search for an idol, just as his cohorts started to search for it.

Like everyone was searching for an idol on the Goliath tribe, everyone, and in the end it was Dan, who found the first idol, but he shared the news with Kara and Natalia. Not smart Dan, it will come back to haunt you. Bonding was really taking place on the David tribe as they shared tales of their past to connect with one another. I will admit we’re an hour into the episode and we have not yet seen the immunity challenge.

Be careful what you wish for because the immunity challenge was a victory for the Goliath tribe and I must say I’m not surprised. The David tribe has bonded, so the question that now remains is who will be backstabbed first and who will be sent packing during the first Tribal Council of the season. Something crazy has happened, with the weather taking a major toll on the contestants, Pat injured his back and this injury is serious. I’m not too certain if we will have a castaway voted off this week, and that was the case. Pat’s injury was too severe; he had to be flown via helicopter to the hospital for medical treatment. His injury was a fatal blow to the David tribe, because I feel they lost the strongest player on the tribe, but it might ignite a fight in the tribe to push against the odds.

Fun episode because I feel this is the first time, “Survivor” really fleshed out nearly all of the players on both tribes; that rarely ever happens in the first episode of the new season. This new season is presenting major heart and I love that. “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.