HOLLYWOOD─Fans have been waiting, and finally the secret is out on “Days of Our Lives.” Eric Brady learned that Sarah’s daughter Mackenzie is actually his daughter. Some of you might be asking how did Eric learn the news; it came directly from Nicole Walker. Nicole has been able to stay mum for over a year (after that time jump), but when Eric proposed marriage, she was compelled to tell the truth. Eric was livid to learn she knew and kept the secret from her.

It led to Eric storming out and confronting Sarah and Xander about the big lie. They could no longer deceive Eric and the truth came spilling out and Eric had a tearful reunion with his daughter. That news soon spread to Marlena who learned she is a grandmother yet again. The question that now remains is rather Eric and Nicole will reunite or if Nicole will cozy up to Brady? Yes, it looks like Brady and Nicole could be an item yet again, as the two are spending more time together, in the midst of both of their lives being blow apart.

Eric is willing to compromise with his former love for custody of their child, but only if she ices out Xander. Hmm, not so certain if Sarah will be able to do that with ease. Let’s discuss the other big bomb of the hour involving the reveal we’ve all waited for: is Stefano DiMera is alive! He seems to be, but not as the Stefano we know, but Steve. Yes, Kayla’s only true love has encapsulated Stefano’s memories and life and he is quite cozy with Princess Gina.

Gina wants John and Stefano aka Steve wants Marlena. Is that interesting, not quite, but the bigger question I want to discover is what the rest of Salem will do when they learn who the new Steve is. Gina has another issue to worry about: Abigail Deveraux, who is hoping to help her mother Jennifer discover who pushed her off the balcony. Gina is not happy about that, but it looks like her role in the near death experience of Jennifer Horton could blow up in her face, and it will be fun to watch.

Stefano has been in contact with Chad, who has been working with Abigail to take back DiMera Enterprises from Gabi Hernandez. Yes, Gabi has gotten away with murder by forcing Lani to sever ties with Eli to ensure Julie’s pacemaker doesn’t haywire. On top of that, Gabi is now romancing Eli, who is the head of her security, just as Eli is headed overseas to prevent Chad from implementing his master plan. What’s the problem? JJ is looking for Kristen for what he deems the role in the death of Haley, just as Eli is nearing a face-to-face with Lani who is working to become a nun.

This is vital because JJ is tailing Eli hoping he leads him to Kristen who he wants to pay for the death of Haley. Hmm, could we see a reconciliation between JJ and Lani? I mean there were happily in love once, but her tryst with Eli under false pretenses changed everything, so it would be nice to see these two reunite.

Yes, this is quite crazy America, and that’s not the worst of it. Clyde has been working overtime to get busted from that jail cell, while Ben is doing his best to protect Will from his father, while saving himself at the same time. Yes, Will was nearly stabbed to death, but Ben came to his rescue. Like I said, the writers are REALLY trying to redeem Ben Weston anyway they can. Even Will has forgiven the guy who ‘killed’ him. All the while, Ciara was busted red-handed searching Xander’s belongings in her quest to clear Ben’s name. Do I think Xander murdered Jordan? Nope, it’s way too easy, so when the big reveal happens it will indeed be worth it I hope.