HOLLYWOOD─I never thought I would see the day that the marriage of Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan would crumble on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but it looks like we’ve reached that point America. The biggest issue in the marriage of Ridge and Brooke is Thomas Forrester. Last week, audiences discovered what was already known: Thomas DID NOT die when he fell into that pool of hydrochloric acid: it was actually a cleaning solution.

Brooke and Hope were a mess about the secret, and when the truth came out that Brooke and Hope knew, it only led to Ridge wanting to sever ties with his wife. It was gut-wrenching to watch, as Ridge decided it was time to call quits with the woman he has always loved and triumphed over the most inescapable odds. The one thing I must argue is that Brooke has been fiercely loyal to Ridge, whereas I can’t say the same about him. He has cheated on his wife on multiple occasions, but this latest tryst should be a major concern.

Why? He shared a very steamy kiss with Shauna, who has been pinning after Ridge since she arrived to town. Quinn spotted the kiss and wanted Intel. Too bad by the end of the week, Ridge realized his heart belongs ONLY to one woman and was ready to sacrifice all to ensure his marriage did not crumble. Perhaps that was his father Eric warning him to not throw his marriage away for a lust.

Brooke relayed the news to Katie and Donna who were at a loss for words, but it was Brooke learning that Shauna was staying at the guest house that left Brooke livid. Brooke knows Shauna is a threat to her marriage, and is likely using this fracture as her way to get to Ridge’s heart. Brooke made some demands and Ridge was willing to listen, but rather he adheres to them is another question.

So let’s turn the conversation to Thomas Forrester, because at this point I don’t think there is any remorse in this guy one bit for any of his actions. He is indeed mentally unstable and the fact that his own sister, Steffy questioned him about letting Hope think he was dead, speaks wonder. She said what everyone at home has been saying for weeks: “You sound obsessed with Hope.” Thomas, you are indeed delusional if you think Hope is going to kick Liam to the curb for you, think again.

This only rattled Liam more when he heard what Thomas did. Rightfully so because Liam does not trust Thomas and knows that he is dangerous and obsessed with his wife. Liam gave Thomas a tongue lashing which only enraged Thomas who wanted to dismantle his biggest threat to Hope’s heart. Which feels like another complicated love triangle could be in the works, but I’m seriously hoping Liam and Hope survive this latest challenge.

In other romance news, the impending nuptials between Sally and Wyatt have halted after she blurted out Liam’s name during an important conversation. Hmm, that cannot be good people. Bill has made his thoughts clear about Sally, so has Quinn, so I guess we’re going to see a Wyatt and Flo reunion in the near future, oh, goody America.

Courtney Hope is a terrific actress and it seems “B&B” just doesn’t know what to do with her character, so I would love for “General Hospital” or “Days of Our Lives” to pick up the actress and allow her to shine her talents. It seems every time Sally has something good going, the writers dismiss her character and it is just annoying to the core. Flo was fund for the baby swap tale, but ok, once she and Wyatt reunites then what?