HOLLYWOOD—We have been eagerly waiting, and I mean waiting, but the moment has arrived on “Days of Our Lives!” After weeks of deciding rather she should or should NOT tell Eric about Brady’s role in causing Nicole to leave town, Jennifer confessed the truth to her fiancé, which left him reeling. He wasn’t buying what Jenn was selling at first, but once she dropped a few bombs Eric was able to piece the puzzle together to realize that it was BRADY, who committed the deed and tortured Nicole for her breaking his heart. Now, some of you might be feeling bad for Jennifer, but I’m not, and I’ll tell you why.

Jennifer is a fighter and she is a survivor, not to mention that I never fully bought the whole Jennifer and Eric relationship. They were cute, but it’s not Jennifer and Jack and with that news that Jack is indeed returning to the soap, that’s the love story “Days” fans want to see. However, let’s rewind a bit, because once that bombshell dropped Eric was out for blood and stormed right over to Brady’s place to confront him. It led to a fist fight, where Brady got a taste of his own medicine, and the brothers who just repaired their relationship are unlikely to be brotherly anytime soon.

Oh, this is amazing drama because it led to Brady learning that Eve was responsible for him losing custody of Tate. She attempted to plead her case, but let’s just say this is karma. Eve has been gloating for weeks against Jennifer and at long last, she got a taste of her own medicine. You reap what you sew! The unfortunate turn of  events is that this is likely to send Brady into a downward spiral where he might start using yet again, and I’ve seen that tale one too many times already America.

Now, the other big shocker in Salem is the news that ‘Marlena’ is alive, well not quite. Sami, Eric and Belle seem to think so, but John, Kayla and Roman are well aware that Marlena is being secretly hidden in a room seeking treatment, while Hattie takes her place. Yes, it was a clever, and I must say it worked perfectly to protect Marlena from being pulled off life support. I guess the question that remains is how long can John and Roman keep the secret about Hattie, who is starting to lose her marbles and urging a wedding asap.

On the other side of things, Gabi Hernandez has totally lost it America. I knew she wanted revenge, but wow, the woman has really amped up her strategy. Realizing that Chad and Abigail were starting to bond, Gabi decided to drug (yes, she drugged a pregnant woman) to prevent a meeting of the hearts. Abigail is suspicious of her pal, but the only person who knows the truth is Kate, who while being a lending ear to Chad, didn’t offer up any information.

Yes, I know Gabi has some Intel on Kate and Stefan, but at this point does Kate really have anything to lose by telling Chad the truth? If anything, she’ll save Gabi from doing something far sinister than what she has already done, in addition, to preventing heartache for Chad and Abigail. Kristen DiMera’s arrival was tame at least when you consider the circumstances; I expected her to be a much bigger firecracker than what has been witnessed. Perhaps the writers are waiting till November sweeps to pull out all the stops.

With that being said, “Days of Our Lives” has released a promo for the fall and man do things look good. Why? We have the return of Kyle Lowder, not as Brady Black, but as Rex Brady. Yes, the son of Roman and Marlena, this should be interesting. Farrah Fath is also returning as Mimi, Princess Gina is back to make Hope’s world a nightmare, and could this really be true, EJ Dimera is indeed alive! Yes, Sami seems to find her long lost love, but he’s masked (so we don’t know who has taken over the role that was vacated by James Scott).

That trailer provided a lot of juicy tidbits including Chad helping Abigail give birth to her baby, Ciara and Ben getting even closer and Eric coming face-to-face with Nicole. Oh, and Maggie’s daughter, Sarah Horton is returning to Salem. It seems like ever since that 50th anniversary storyline for the soap, “Days of Our Lives” has been on fire and does not look to stop anytime soon.