SAN FRANCISCO—Evercar is now available in select locations in San Francisco and Oakland. Evercar is a company that is a provider of shared vehicles and support for rideshare and delivery drivers. Drivers are qualified for jobs in the on-demand economy by giving them flexible access to affordable, environmentally-friendly vehicles, with no weekly or long-term commitment required.

Evercar’s training and support helps workers navigate the rapidly changing on-demand space to maximize their earning potential and help ensure their success as on-demand workers.

Drivers in San Francisco and Oakland can use environment friendly shared vehicles instead of their own. There is no long term-commitment, so customers can utilize the service for part-time or full-time work as an on-demand taxi driver, or a delivery driver for those who don’t own a car or don’t want to use their own vehicle.

“The Bay Area presents an interesting dichotomy that Evercar is uniquely poised to address. The proliferation of on-demand companies means flexible job opportunities abound; however, many who would most benefit from these jobs are unable to take advantage of them because they lack financial means to own a vehicle and pay out-of-pocket for expenses, don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of parking in the city, or simply would prefer not to put miles on their personal vehicle,” said Evercar CEO Michael Brylawski.

“We’re changing the paradigm by combining car sharing with well-maintained electrified vehicles and data. In doing so, we’re able to offer a highly flexible yet affordable solution that puts drivers behind the wheel of safe, environmentally-friendly vehicles, while coaching them to earn as much as possible,” he added.

Evercar’s shared vehicles can be used for Uber, Lyft, Postmates and DoorDash. The vehicles feature safety technology to help drivers. Access to Evercar’s vehicles are available on a hourly basis for the approve on-demand services of their choice. Users must pay $8 an hour and the rate covers fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs for unlimited miles. The company also provides driver training, 24/7 phone support, a SafeDrive program to help ensure safety for drivers, and data-based coaching to help drivers make decisions on when to drive.

Evercar will be offering its shared 2016 Toyota Prius vehicles at the Turk Street Garage in San Francisco and near the 12th Street BART station in Downtown Oakland for a limited time. According to CleanTechnica, the company is planning to add electric vehicles to its fleet supposedly happening later this year. For those you are interested can apply for the service at Once approved they can use Evercar’s mobile app to reserve vehicles, gain keyless access and, soon, receive coaching tips.

According to the press release by Evercar, the service launched in Los Angeles in 2015. They offer 1,200 members access to over 10 shared vehicles in 13 vehicle hubs around Los Angeles County.