UNITED STATES—We have all been told that every penny counts, and in my personal opinion it does. However, I see so many people; toss pennies to the curb as if they don’t matter. Like seriously, what gives people? The penny seems to have no value to most Americans, but they should seriously think again, when you actually do the math.

It takes 100 pennies to equal a $1, 1,000 pennies equals $10 and 10,000 pennies equal $100. Are you getting my drift people? Whenever, and I mean whenever, I have left over change, I always place my pennies and nickels into a plastic bank. I let the money build up and when it’s full I cash the money in. Look at things this way, those pennies can be used to put gas in the car, to purchase a meal, to pay a utility bill.

Am I saying go to the gas station or electric companies with thousands of pennies, no, but even if you were to do so, they can’t turn you way. Why? Money is money and they can’t refuse it. Would they be happy to count thousands of pennies out, no, but in the end who cares! Utilize this rule of thumb, at all times I keep at least 5 pennies in my pocket, because it’s evident when you purchase something you will always have odd change to some degree. Having those 5 pennies and at least a few nickels, dimes and a quarter or two will always leave you keeping very little change in your pocket.

If pennies weren’t important, that would mean the government and Federal Reserve would have to find a way to change the monetary system to reflect that. I don’t see that happening because not only would it create quite a bit of controversy, but it would also led to many retailers and companies having to adjust their pricing system to where odd numbers are eliminated. To some degree getting rid of the penny would result in the possible elimination of the nickel and the quarter as well.

Do we really want that confusion to take place in the financial world? No, no, no, hell no. I love pennies and they serve a purpose, even if we’d like to think they don’t. If they weren’t of importance, they wouldn’t still be in existence. So why am I putting so much emphasis on the penny? Well, I want people to become more aware of how the small things you buy easily add up over time and before you know it, what seemed like $5 quickly turns into $100. And with the holidays right around the corner, it’s more important now than ever to do your best to conserve and save those pennies to purchase those gifts without breaking the bank.

Trust me I know the feeling all too well, and it happens to me every Christmas, where I find myself clamoring to buy gifts, when if I just saved a bit earlier, I wouldn’t find myself in a predicament where I don’t have the funds to purchase the items that I want to purchase, without worrying about breaking the bank at the same time. It may not sound like it right now, but trust me, the sooner that you start saving the better that you will feel in the long run people, trust me, when you respect money you tend to have more of it.