UNITED STATES—I am someone who has a difficult time smiling in the face of co-workers who I find fake. What do I mean when I say fake? It’s a difficult term to describe at times, but it’s someone who is inauthentic. In other words, you know when a ploy is in place. I think I can read people well for the most part; I can enter a room and sense when something is off. In essence, you can say I can pick up on a bad liar when I see one.

I always tell people in the world of employment you have people who care about their job, and then you have people who simply care about a paycheck. Let me repeat that, you have people who care about their paycheck. You might be asking me why that is important. Well it says a lot about a person and what motivates them when it comes to work. Some people are motivated solely by money, while others are motivated by money in addition to other things.

This is not to say people should NOT be motivated by work because I believe everyone should be paid for work that they perform, but when you sense people dancing around work to focus on pay, it annoys me to the core. Like I get asked all the time by people, why aren’t you on social media? It’s because I have a job, I don’t have time to sit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I notice people trying to be ‘overly’ friendly or chatty in social media as a sign to hide what their true intentions might be.

I have difficulty dealing with people who are fake; I need transparency when I’m dealing with co-workers otherwise it just boils my blood and I can’t hide my emotions. They appear all over my face. I am indeed working on masking my emotions and not wearing them on my sleeve, but it bugs me when you have people busting their bum for the company they work for because they care about the company’s success, when you have others who can care less. All they want is their paycheck. I mean, you are paid to do a job, however, I’m constantly seeing you not fully perform your job and when you are called out on it, you scatter to come up with an excuse. It’s really simple America: do your job, quit or find another job. It’s not fair for others to have to perform double the amount of work for someone who refuses to do what he or she is paid to do.

I’m a worker who is without a doubt a team player, but I know so many who can care less about the overall success of the company. When their shift ends, they’re gone, even if it means them not completing a single email or answering a quick phone call. That lack of staying a minute or two beyond your scheduled shift says a lot about a person’s character America!

I think what drives me crazy is that phoniness that people attempt to mask. Like how you speak, how you talk, how you act, they are all signs of your true intentions. A person who reads body language or pays attention to cadence in tone knows what is up. I guess in the end honesty matters more than everything else. If you’re not happy with the company you’re at, vacate it, find something else, stop causing stress or a headache for those who are committed to the company and doing all in their power to ensure the company survives. Why? They realize when the company succeeds, they succeed. Why can’t more people see that?

Written By Zoe Mitchell