HOLLYWOOD—I cannot help myself because of all the soaps airing right now, “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been on fire. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the big Beth reveal to take place, and at last it has come to fruition after nearly 8 months of waiting for the truth to come to light. Liam cracked the puzzle courtesy of little Douglas. I mean out of all the people entangled in this crazy baby swap, it was a kid who had the guts to confess the truth, even though his father was threatening him.

Liam realized the truth, confronted Flo who spilled all the dirty details, as she shed tears. She was hesitant to reveal it, but she had no choice. Wyatt was dumbfounded, and Liam was livid. When Thomas called to make threats, Liam realized Hope might be in danger and ran over to Forrester Creations to inform his true love that their daughter is very much alive. Hope couldn’t believe it; she was dumbfounded, quite speechless to say the least.

However, there was Thomas, who was angry as hell knowing that the truth was unraveling and that he might lose Hope. He burst into the office and got into a shoving match with Liam before knocking him out cold. That later transitioned into a fist fight on the rooftop where Thomas and Liam were fighting to the finish, but Hope managed to calm Thomas down.

Thomas fled as he waited for a helicopter to pick him up. Looks like Thomas might escape the backlash right now, but I sense he will return to unleash more chaos on Liam, Steffy, Hope and baby Beth. As I noted, the secret would unravel and rip families apart, especially Steffy. She was starting to come to the realization that she was about to lose Phoebe if Liam’s theory proved to be true. Guess what America, it is indeed true. Ridge was also seeing the writing on the wall, realizing that his grandson had no reason to lie about Phoebe actually being Beth.

This news stunned Ridge and Brooke, who were out for blood because their daughters’ lives were destroyed by the secret. Ridge tore into Flo, Zoe and Shauna, as did Brooke. I mean Brooke showcased her vitriol for the women, especially Flo and Shauna who are literal family. Can Flo recover from this bombshell? I don’t know, but the only saving grace she has at the moment is that she is a Logan. If she wasn’t Storm’s daughter, all hell would break lose. As for Zoe, she can kiss her job at Forrester Creations goodbye America. There is NO WAY they’d keep her on board knowing what she has purposely done. Now, only if we could get Reese back in town and force him to face the music for his dirty deed.

Watching the reunion between Hope and Beth was everything America. I mean I was eager and I mean eagerly waiting to see the tears as Hope realized the daughter that she thought was gone, was in her orbit the entire time. It was phenomenal TV to watch, but to see that happiness, we also had to endure the sadness seeing Phoebe ripped from Steffy’s world. I mean Annika Noelle and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood delivered some sensational acting America, sensational.

My only concern at this point is with this major secret now out in the open, what will be the next big storyline that the writers craft to keep audience’s engaged. We keep hearing rumors about a big cliffhanger and people not making it out alive. At this point only Emma Barber met a grim fate, but is a major twist about to be unearthed in the baby swap that audiences never saw coming? I suspect that might be the case on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”