HOLLYWOOD—It’s always interesting when you see power shifts on soap operas, and nothing was more potent than this week on “The Young and the Restless.” Victor Newman, the titan that you love at times, and absolutely hate at other times; Victor has not been happy how his family company has been run. He has placed Victoria in charge of operations, but the problem is Victoria is not the smartest businesswoman. She allows her judgement to be clouded by not paying attention to red flags.

We witnessed this with Ashland Locke and now we’re seeing it again with Nate Hastings. Victoria, this guy was willing to burn his own family to gain power at a company he was invited into. Nick, Nikki, hell Victor has warned you this guy is not to be trusted and what do you do? You trust the guy anyway because you have been lusting after him for weeks, even when he was with someone else. People are going to hate me for this, but Victoria Newman is gullible as hell and it shows.

With that said, Victor gave Kirsten Incorporated back to Sharon who is happy to have control of her company yet again. She is planning to run it the way she wants, and it will come with a major if, Nick Newman. Sharon wants Nick to help her run the company and he has been waffling, but he made a decision with a massive bomb, he’s not coming back.

Of course the family was stunned, but you know who was happy, Nate and Audra, but they should not be. Why? Victor has decided to step back into the role he should have never left, CEO. This is his family business and he started it from nothing and no one knows how to operate a business better than this guy. Victoria was not pleased, but what is she going to do? No power moves for Nate or Audra, and the fact that Nikki is tossing her power around and I love it.

She put Audra on notice about canoodling with Kyle against her granddaughter, Summer’s wishes. If Audra and Kyle were caught messing around they would be out the door per Nikki’s threat. Delicious TV, but Audra didn’t listen and Nate spotted his cohort playing with fire and warned her to steer clear. With the power moves Victor is making, she absolutely should heed that advice.

Guess what the Newman clan isn’t the only family dealing with business drama, so is the Abbott clan. Jack and Diane are still united against taking down Tucker McCall, and the more I think about it, Dianne might be right. Tucker got his clutches into Ashley yet again, as a ploy to take over the family company. However, did Ashley fall for the ruse or is she playing along until she drops the hammer on her new hubby. I mean her sudden disappearance (not at Tucker’s hands), has Jack and company worried, but it might be part of a larger plan people.

Also, what is Tucker thinking? I mean you just rekindled with Devon after you tried to take his company from him and he is currently in a relationship with Abby, who is Ashley’s daughter. You’re messing around with Audra again, which is already going to raise major flags and you’ll create more enemies than allies if Jack and Diane’s suspicions are accurate.

Diane and Jack warned Kyle against his single playboy antics, and warned him to deal with the demise of his marriage to Summer, but Kyle is still ignoring those emotions. Yeah, when it strikes him it is going to hurt. Phyllis is still meddling in Daniel’s love life. Girl, did you not learn your lesson. Daniel and Summer don’t want you interfering with their love affairs. Daniel is good with Lily, but you trying to help him rekindle with Heather is going to cause more waves and issues than you can imagine. Just stop it already.