SAN FRANCISCO—Fashion designer Jessica McClintock died at age 90 in her sleep according to an obituary from the SF Chronicle. The obituary stated she “died peacefully in her sleep at home” on February 16.

McClintock was known for designing prom and bridal dresses. According to the designer’s website, she was an early adopter of the concept of empowering young women and women of all ages to live their best life with confidence. 

She was born on June 19, 1930. She is the daughter of a shoe salesman and a beautician. She picked up dressmaking skills from her grandmother. In 1969, she started selling dresses barefooted and a year later invested $5,000 in a friend’s San Francisco dress store, called Gunne Sax. She opened her first store in San Francisco in 1981.

McClintock’s website describes the domain as an “enchanted lifestyle brand…always in touch with what young women want.” She is survived by her son, Scott McClintock. A memorial celebration will be held at a later date in San Francisco.