HOLLYWOOD—I’m happy to see that we have an episode that has bounced back after that boredom we endured last week on “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘One More’ focused on Father Gabriel and Aaron as they hunted for food to supply to Alexandria. I remember vividly how I couldn’t stand Father Gabriel, no he is championed by me in some sorts. I will admit witnessing Aaron spot those skeletal remains of what looked like a family was quite haunting to say the least. A time clock was being used to lure walkers in a certain direction.

Gosh, a bloody episode to say the least America. Whatever happened in this town that Maggie had Gabriel and Aaron travel to was a sign that people were in desperate need of rescue and never received it. The tension between the pals could be felt as it was obvious they were beginning to become frustrated by their mission. Gabriel and Aaron stumbled into an abandoned warehouse where they discovered a few surprises, some funnier than others, especially in Gabriel’s case America.

C’mon where is the storytelling “TWD” writers/ I love the character analysis arcs, but I need something to keep things moving along people. Watching Gabriel and Aaron reminisce about life while drinking and playing cards was fun, but I want to know where things are headed for the rest of this season and right now I have no idea after three episodes, the first giving the biggest clues to viewers. About 40 minutes in things get interesting, as Gabriel came face-to-face with a mysterious character, Mays played by “Terminator 2” star Robert Patrick.

Is this new character aligned with the Reapers? That is not known, as Mays used gunfire as a sign of a threat, particularly Russian Roulette! He questioned Gabriel’s religion, just as he asked about his reasoning for carrying around Bibles. He drug out Aaron who was tied to a chair, gagged and had an injury to his head. Looks like this Mays character likes to play games, ones that are high risk. Wow, Gabriel literally playing with that gun and pointing it to his head had me on edge. I mean this is “The Walking Dead” people so anything can happen. Gabriel surviving was a fluke, but Aaron surviving that means Mays truly likes playing games ones that are crazy dangerous in the process.

Looks like Mays is trying to prove that human beings are cruel creatures and wanted to use Gabriel and Aaron to prove that, but snapped during the process as Gabriel did his best to reason with him. That was indeed a moment witnessing Gabriel blow this guy’s brains out, which left Aaron speechless to say the least. The Gabriel that we met in season 4 is totally not the same guy now America. Wow, just when Mays was killed, his brother who he was certain was dead, was very much alive, but handcuffed. Gabriel went to rescue him, but it resulted in Gabriel seeing his gun stolen and pointed at him. Out of nowhere, this guy points the gun at his head and pulls the trigger.

To say this episode was riddled in grief and just a lack of hope was a major understatement America. This community seems like everyone had lost hope and were dying left and right as a result. Gabriel and Aaron were on the cusp of visiting the last stop on Maggie’s map the Water Tower. Next week we see what happens to Yumiko, Ezekiel, Princess and Eugene after they were captured by those people who looked like Storm Troopers. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!