SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, September 19, the San Francisco Fire Department rescued a father and his son from a cliff at Fort Funston around 11:30 p.m.

Lieutenant Baxter of the SFFD said in a video posted on Citizen that the father and son were out for a walk on Fort Funston trails. They saw the beach below and attempted to walk down the cliff to the water. Baxter said the SFFD advises not to try to walk down cliffs even if it seems doable. The father and son made it halfway, about 70 feet below, before they became stuck and could not go further down or back up.

Firefighters working to pull father and son up (SFFD)

The father called 911 and told them his exact location. He was able to give SFFD units specific directions about a mile and a half from the parking lot firefighters arrived at. The National Park Service Ocean Rescue team was stationed in the water and the California Highway Patrol Air Unit flew above in case their assistance would be needed, which it was not.

The rescue took about an hour and firefighters determined that both the father and son did not sustain any serious injuries.