UNITED STATES─I know for a fact that I am not the only person who gets super frustrated when technology goes haywire. It’s like the one thing that can take a day that seems to be moving well and turn it into a complete nightmare. Nothing annoys me more than slow internet or inconsistent internet. This happens in my house more than I can imagine and I have no idea why. I mean I’ve had completely new wiring done, I’ve switched cable modems, wireless routers, you name it and I have done it America.

However, the problem still exists, so it begs the question: what should I do about it? I have contacted my internet and cable provider more times than I can count. I’m certain they are tired of hearing from me, but who cares. I pay a lot of money for my services so I expect to be delivered top-notch service at all times. I mean $200 plus a month and I have to call you one to two times a week about my internet going out or not properly working? You’re lucky I’m not terminating my service.

The last call I had to make I got the worst customer service you can imagine, I was on the verge of seriously cutting my service because the representative was so rude and disrespectful. That is something I cannot STAND. I will not allow anyone to be rude to me when I am not being rude to them. I have an issue, I have reported the issue to you and yet I’m still having the same issue. That means the problem is on your end, not my end. Why?

I’ve done what you asked me, yet my wireless internet connection continues to go out or it takes forever to reconnect once it goes out. That frustration can be a bad thing because that notion of trying to fix the problem can force one to slam their laptop, their cell phone or desktop computer with hopes that it will fix the problem, but it doesn’t. You end up destroying the device thinking it’s the problem, when it not: it’s your provider.

So what is one to do? You seek out another provider. Yes, I love my provider for their reliability in service; however, the inconsistency is driving me bonkers. Also I’m so sick and tired of paying rental fees for devices that my provider gives to me. I mean hell, I’m paying hundreds of dollars a month, and you cannot provide me these devices without charging me every single month for it? Yeah, the more we start to think about it the more the realization came front and center: we spend way too much money sometimes on technology and we don’t get our money’s worth America.

I had a conversation with my niece and nephew this past weekend where they came to an understanding that what they have is a bonus perk that we never had growing up. We did not have cellphones, there were no laptops, desktops, social media or tablets. We lived just find before these devices which asks the question: what would happen if we totally got rid of all these things and focused on living a life where we DICTATE technology versus technology DICTATING us.

It sounds foreign, it sounds impossible, but we can still function without having all the distractions that have become prevalent in our lives. Technology is to make one’s life easier, it is not supposed to control your life.

Written By Zoe Mitchell