HOLLYWOOD—My instinct was right; I knew Stefan and Ava would ultimately hook up on “Days of Our Lives.” The tension between these two who were forced to work together to protect their loved ones, got drunk and gave into temptation, not once, but twice. Both were horrified after the deed, but Stefan even more. Why? It meant he cheated on his wife Gabi who is currently locked away. My gut is telling me that Gabi will be returning to Salem much sooner than later.

The walls are indeed closing in on these two. Harris, Rafe and Jada all suspect Stefan and Ava to be in cahoots with the drug mayhem plaguing the city. Harris and Rafe are certain both are guilty, they just haven’t found the evidence to prove it. Harris is still smitten with Ava, who is delivering a performance to die for to prove that she is NOT interested in Harris, but she is. With that, Everett is also closing in on Stefan and Ava as he warned Chad he would resign if he placed his family over him reporting the truth.

It is amazing that these two have become sort of pals, after Everett aka Bobby is still keeping secrets. Yeah, he spotted Jada and Stephanie chatting in the pub and made a complete 360 because he didn’t want to be identified. Everett was ready to spill the truth to Stephanie, but he didn’t. They shared a kiss and they eventually spent the night together.

Uh-oh, Stephanie is back in Everett’s web, and I hope FINALLY this month we will see him exposed when he comes face-to-face with Jada. I mean this guy showed up at the police station where Jada works, and he didn’t run into her? That makes no sense. It will be a fun dynamic especially when Stephanie’s suspicions about Everett are actually confirmed with the big reveal.

With that said, the audience should prepare for another kooky story involving Konstantin and John who has a past as ‘The Pawn.’ I really am over this tale with Konstantin. It is so obvious NO ONE IN SALEM LIKES THE GUY! So why is he still here? Maggie can’t even stand the guy, but it seems he wants to get his revenge on whoever was responsible for the murder of Catharina. Yeah, that name doesn’t ring too much of a bell for me so I need to go back and do some serious homework. Paulina and Abe have returned to romance after his memory returned just in the midst of her battling her cancer diagnosis. Chanel and Johnny are preparing for their Valentine’s Day wedding despite Chad warning his nephew to stay far away from the DiMera clan if he wants to protect Chanel.

Brady and Theresa are still bonding, just as Alex is considering proposing to Theresa. Yeah, that feels a bit too soon in my opinion. They’ve really only been playing house for the past few weeks at best. Alex’s feelings for Theresa is nowhere close to how he felt about Stephanie, so maybe Bobby’s truth will lead Alex and Stephanie back together.

Kristen is not pleased to see another woman in Brady’s orbit, but Theresa might be one that Kristen should be weary of toying with. They are both quite calculated and vicious to say the least. Sloan is realizing she might not be cut out to be a parent. Yeah, you think you stole a kid that isn’t yours, it explains why Eric is able to calm Jude because he’s the infant’s father and that connection can’t be denied. Leo is still annoying as hell, and I hope the big secret is spilled so Nicole is reunited with her son and EJ and start to plot his revenge on those who screwed him and lied. A vindictive EJ is a fun one “Days” fanatics!