HOLLYWOOD—It rarely happens, but “General Hospital” is pulling out all the stops for February Sweeps in a big way as a major player had a date with the Grim Reaper that is going to have all sorts of ripple effects in Port Charles. If there was any question that Spencer Cassadine was nothing like his father Nikolas, look again, as he got that video from Ava of Nikolas’ confessing to ‘murdering’ Esme and he used it to blackmail dear ole dad. Spencer planned to use the video as a blackmail tool to gain full custody of Nik and Esme’s unborn child.

It was some sensational acting from Adam Huss and Nicholas Alexander Chavez. With that said, Spencer has indeed embraced his Cassadine side which horrified Nikolas and frightened Laura, who confronted her son and grandson about their actions. That conversation Nikolas had with Laura almost felt like a goodbye people; a foreshadowing of things to come and this week it was epic. Nikolas confronted Ava at Wyndemere about her corrupting his son and let’s say things got out of hand in the worst way possible. Now, I had my suspicions for weeks after it was announced that Marcus Colomo was exiting the role of Nikolas Cassadine, that we might lose the character, especially when there was no news about a recast.

I thought for a moment, would the writers actually kill off a legacy character, and with Heather Webber lurking around as the hook, I thought Nikolas biting the dust would be the epic shocker before everyone discovered the truth. However, Heather did not commit the deed; it was someone else, and Nikolas Cassadine as we know it is dead and this changes the scope of “GH.” His demise is about to impact so many others for years to come. Nikolas confronted Ava about her duplicity, made threats to take away Avery and Ava reacted in her old ways and clocked Nikolas over the head with a sharp object killing him!

Yeah, I didn’t expect this, but oh, this is an interesting twist people because it looks like a cover up is in the works as the writers are crafting an Ava and Austin love affair. Ava helped Austin with his threatening cousin, Mason, and Mason has issued threats against Ava. Something is hinting that whoever the big bad pulling strings for Mason and Austin is connected to Ava somehow. Who is that person? I have my theories, but let’s just say it might be a face from Ava’s past, who she least expected.

With that said Austin issued a threat to Mason before heading to Wyndemere and discovering a blood scene. Now, I’m trying to figure out how Ava plans to keep Nikolas sudden disappearance from Victor, Valentin, Alexis, Spencer, Elizabeth and Laura. They are going to sense something is off and she is going to crack under pressure if you ask me people. I like where the writers are headed with this one, as Ava has already killed once, and got away with it, however, when you kill as Cassadine that is a game changer, especially if Victor finds out.

However, there is more madness a lot more as Portia and Curtis near their Valentine’s Day wedding which is certain to deliver a bombshell that I’ve suspected for months ever since Portia dropped that hint on Jordan when they were trapped in that house. Um, Curtis is Trina’s father not Taggert. Jordan knows, Stella knows, Portia has always known, but the only ones who don’t are Trina and Curtis and that ain’t good. Remember how Curtis ended his marriage to Jordan over lies (and they weren’t that big), this is a game changing lie, so Portia better be ready to lose it all. The question is how will the big secret be exposed and who will expose the secret?

Carly Spencer, she’ll always be a Corinthos in my eyes just skates off easy all the time, but that is until she went toe-to-toe with Liesl Obrecht. Liesl has lost TWO CHILDREN: Britt and Nathan, and at this point has nothing else to lose. They say there is nothing like a woman scorned, try a mother scorned as Liesl and Carly had a spat, and Liesl did not back down at attacking Carly for her wicked deeds. Liesl is not someone you want to toy with when it comes to her family. Look what she did to Peter after he was responsible for Nathan’s death.

Someone has to teach Carly a lesson because this woman is no saint and needs to be punished for her actions, which still haven’t transpired just yet. I’m certain Carly is about to receive her comeuppance which is going to be delicious TV as its long overdue people.

Willow gave birth to a baby girl and all is well, until it’s not. The harvesting of those stem cells form the newborn are not going to save Willow’s life and with Nina not being a match for her daughter, there is only one relative left: LIESL! Oh, talk about a twist people, the woman who Carly screwed over her niece is the only person who can save her daughter-in-law and her great niece, talk about a twist people. I’m giddy just thinking about it because it looks like Liesl will be the one to bridge the bond between Nina and Willow and it’s about damn time.

I am happy to see that Nikolas confessed all to Ava before meeting his maker, just as Elizabeth told Finn the entire truth and these two could be on a path of reconciliation. Sam and Dante are looking for Maggie, who I suspect might be Heather, and if not her, I have no clue who this woman could be and why she has stayed mum so long on Ryan Chamberlain being Esme’s father.

Ryan, Heather and Esme are about to be criminals on the run, and Ryan Chamberlain on the loose and looking for a bit of vengeance against two women who scorned him in Ava Jermone and Felicia Scorpio, could “GH” fans ask for anymore?! Ryan on the loose right as Ava has to deal with killing another person, oh baby this is about to be an amazing February.