HOLLYWOOD—I knew Sheila Carter’s return to “The Bold and the Beautiful” would deliver some exceptional fireworks, ones that fans have been waiting for considering the soap had been very quiet up to this point. Steffy walked in on a scene that sent chills down her spine: Sheila holding her son Hayes in her arm. Steffy was livid, horrified and unleashed wholly hell as a result. She called Sheila every name in the book, but not before she delivered another slap to Sheila’s face!

Sheila took the slap like a pro, but trust me you’re only going to slap Sheila Carter so many times before she finally makes a move and trust me it will be one that you least expect. Steffy berated Jack and Finn, before booting Sheila and Jack from the home and letting Finn know she didn’t trust him and he was being forced into the guest house as a result.

C’mon Steffy give the guy a break, he’s adopted; he wanted to know his birth mother his whole life. Yeah, he has no idea about Sheila’s wicked past, but at the same time this is his blood mother and I sense we could see a situation where Hayes becomes ill and Sheila will be the only person who can save his life, then what? It is indeed typical soap fashion so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Steffy you are playing with fire by not making your marriage to Finn official by filing the marriage license. You’re opening a door for a potential showmance between Finn and Paris and they have been getting chummy lately. They converse, she is a listening ear for Finn and they recently shared a hug that was much more than just a hug if we’re being honest people. Her understanding the conflict he’s battling between his birth mother and the mother of his child perked Finn up a bit. The sparks are indeed there people and I’m just saying if Steffy continues to push Finn away he might land in Paris’ arms.

Quinn and Carter are continuing to resist temptation, even though it is so obvious to everyone in their orbit what is transpiring. Quinn shared Eric’s ED with Shauna who was taken aback by the news, but something tells me this is a ruse from Eric. He wants to see if he can trust Quinn and Carter and it looks like these two will fail miserably and give into their temptation for one another.

Eric will catch them in the act and explain it was all a test. How soon might that come to fruition, I cannot tell you, but I don’t see that dragging too much as this storyline is starting to become a bit stale a predictable for the audience if we’re being honest people. He did eavesdrop on the conversation Quinn had with Shauna so something tells me that may have been planned people.

Back to Sheila people, she just doesn’t know how to steer clear of the situation as she watched Finn and Steffy make up to a degree. As soon as Steffy left, she made her move, much to Finn’s chagrin. Sheila faked passing out to get Finn to call 911, and her plan worked masterfully. Finn rushed her to the hospital, has been by her side and there isn’t a single thing wrong with her.

Steffy, Ridge and Brooke learned about the stunt and realized Sheila is NOT going anywhere anytime soon. A war is brewing between Sheila and Steffy and I’m all for it. So what does this mean? Danger alert, because Steffy is in Sheila’s crosshairs, and she’s preventing her from seeing her son and grandson, so war is coming. Who will be the casualty of that war, that is a bigger question looming “B&B” fans.