SAN FRANCISCO—From Friday, November 9 until Saturday, November 10, the San Francisco Fire Department responded to six large fires in the region. The fires all transpired at Golden Gate Park, specifically in the area of the Polo Fields and Casting Ponds.  Their dimensions ranged from 10 feet by 20 feet to one acre. The fires did not cause any structural damages nor injuries.  

California has been experiencing forest fires that are wiping out hundreds of acres of land. Lt. Baxter of the SFFD reported the fires to be “Suspicious” in nature. 

Facebook users expressed their concern over the matter, one mentioning that it is a spot predominantly occupied by homeless people.  

The SF Fire Department, San Francisco Police Department, and SF Recreation and Parks are all working together to decipher the cause of the fires.  The SFPD and Park Rangers have ensured that they will be visibly on site from now on.

Anyone with information is asked to call the department at (415) 920-2933 or email