SAN FRANCISCO—St. Anthony’s Shelter in San Francisco has opened its doors to help house the homeless who are suffering from the wildfire smoke inhalation.  The shelter converted their dining room into an emergency/disaster shelter on Friday, November 9.  They organization posted on their Twitter page that they will be open through Tuesday night. 

The shelter, located on 150 Golden Gate Avenue, has been open over six decades. According to the St. Anthony’s website, the organization’s goal is to assist the homeless or impoverished people by providing housing, food, shelter, health care, addiction recovery and access to technology.  

The air quality in San Francisco is unhealthy, with an index ranging from 165 to 180. Citizens of San Francisco are being impacted by the fires that are prevalent in the city of Paradise.  Many social media users and news stations are concerned about their safety and are advising one another to wear masks and stay inside to prevent inhaling the smoke from the wildfires.