SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, November 9, officers from the San Francisco Police Department Tenderloin Station arrested Josue Hernandez-Rivas, 20, for having a large possession of cocaine and heroin. He was arrested on Grove Street the near the San Francisco Public Library with 88 bindles of the drugs in his possession.

This was Hernandez-Rivas’ third arrest in the Tenderloin District in six months for the same charge: drug dealing. On Friday, he was charged with PFS, committing another crime while on OR, with two fugitive warrants from previous cases.   

On Wednesday, November 7, the SFPD arrested eight drug dealers in the Tenderloin District during an undercover operation. They were charged with the sale of heroin, methamphetamines, prescription drugs, and cocaine to a police officer while children were present.  On November 5, the  SFPD Narcotics Division , officers from the Tenderloin District, and DEA Agents worked together to intercept a kilo of heroin (worth about $25,000-$27,000).

Social media users expressed their gratitude to officers for the multiple arrests.