SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco entrepreneur Jim McAlpine will be opening the first cannabis-friendly gym, where people can work out and smoke marijuana in one place.

Power Plant Fitness will be a full gym with Pilates and yoga classes, and will offer a wellness center with massage, acupuncture, flotation tanks, meditation, and more amenities. The wellness center will include a cannabis consumption room, along with special trainers who can advise gym users on how cannabis can improve their workouts. Gym users will be able to bring their own cannabis or purchase some on site.

Power Plant Fitness is expected to open in San Francisco’s Mission District in May, with membership costing between $150-$170.

Both cannabis connoisseurs and first timers will be welcome at the gym, with trainers on site to educate and advise users. Despite the passage of Prop 64, clients will still need a medical recommendation from the facility to use cannabis at Power Plant Fitness which they’ll be able to obtain from an on-staff doctor. Every member will undergo a cannabis performance assessment before starting any workout plan pertaining to the individual’s understanding how much cannabis to take, when to take it, and why it’s helpful for them.

McAlpine has been responsible for the successful cannabis-friendly athletic event the 420 Games, which was set up to change the perception that cannabis smokers are lazy and unmotivated. He has been using cannabis as a workout supplement since he was 18. He came up with the idea for Power Plant Fitness after realizing the positive impact the 420 Games had on the people’s perception of cannabis.

McAlpine has been working with several pro athletes on the venture, including former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams, whom he befriended after they met at a 420 Games event. Though Williams helped McAlpine start Power Plant Fitness, he’s since had to temporarily step away from his role for business reasons.

McAlpine is originally from the Bay Area. Power Plant Fitness will be located at 16th and Guerrero Streets in the Mission District. The gym will span 20,000 square feet, and will have a roof deck with a patio.