SAN FRANCISCO—The Energy Observer, the first ocean vessel to be completely powered by renewable energies, made a 3-day stop in San Francisco as it makes its journey around the globe. The vessel was created from the bones of an award winning catamaran that was used for sea races, but has been converted into a mobile ocean lab developed through the efforts of the French government, Ministry for Ecological Transition, UNESCO and the UN. 

Energy Observer, the first vessel powered by renewable energies and hydrogen, arriving in San Francisco, CA on May 6, 2021, the 66th stop of its round-the-world Odyssey.

The Energy Observer will now be making its way to Japan with a stop in Hawaii, as it continues it’s 7-year expedition around the world that began in 2017. The ship has two Oceanwings© as sails, eight hydrogen tanks that are refilled by the ships system, three different kinds of solar panels that are each developed in different European countries, and 1400kg of batteries. The Energy observer consists of a rotating crew of 8 with 5-6 people on board at a time. The ship’s renewable system works congruently in order for the ship to seamlessly continue to operate and convert ocean water into the hydrogen that primarily powers the ship.

Laurene Blotterre, Communications Director for the Energy Observer told the San Francisco News, “We want to show that this system works and that the vessel can thrive in all environments & conditions at sea.” The former catamaran faced harsh weather as it made its way up from Long Beach, but made it through as it’s lightweight material handled well against the rough waters. 

The Energy Observer’s next big stop will be Tokyo for the 2021 Olympic games where the founder and chairman for the ship, will be among the torch bearers for the games. For the first time in Olympic history, the flame will be completely powered by hydrogen. The Observer will continue its voyage through Asia after the games to stop in Busan & Shanghai.