UNITED STATES—I have always been a fan of fighting video games because it allows you to show your skill against others. We’ve already chatted about the iconic series “Mortal Kombat,” this week it’s time to chat about another classic, “Killer Instinct.” This game was unique because it had elements like “Mortal Kombat,” but at an elevated level.

There is no best 2 out of 3, each player has two-life bars and once those life bars are gone, you’re out. The best element of the game in my opinion is the combos. Yes, combos, you have the opportunity to deliver epic blows to your opponent that depletes their life bars a lot faster than a few strikes here and there. Yes, the combos element was utilized by “Mortal Kombat” in its third installment and it’s a great tool to showcase a fighter’s abilities and the skillset of the player at the same time. You can deliver a 20 hit finish, 30, 40 and if you’re really good up to 80 hits. You will be in awe witnessing it people.

Be warned a combo is not unstoppable, you have buttons you can press to implement a breaker to stop your opponent from putting a beating on you which is a very neat tool people. So it allows you to recover and re-strategize as needed to be successful. There are also finishing moves that each character can implement, but it’s NOT to the violent level of “Mortal Kombat,” but a fun aspect of the game as well.

However, let’s chat a bit about the iconic characters. We have Orchid, Cinder, Glacius, Chief Thunder, Eyedol, Fulgore, Jago, Riptor, Sabrewulf, Spinal and T.J. Combo. Now I have played with all the characters, but I’m a major fan of Cinder and his fiery prowess. The character can deliver a torpedo that just takes out his opponent and his ‘finishing move’ is one to be awed at. I’m also a fan of Glacius who is like a molecular water alien who can disappear into the ground before he delivers a wicked uppercut.

Some characters implement stabbings, others torch or electrocute you into ashes, one freezes you, another absorbs you, someone shoots you with ample gunfire and then we have one character that exhibits a bit of nudity that leaves the opponent boggled literally people. Those are all final moves that can be delivered after you defeat your opponent.

It does suck that Orchid is the ONLY female in the entire game, but she holds her own against unique characters like a skeleton (yes), a werewolf and an actual raptor people. Might sound crazy, but these are the characters who you play with that deliver all sorts of stunning moves and iconic memories for gamers.

I mean we also have something known as a ‘Humiliation’ which forces your opponent to indulge in some entertaining dance moves. It’s “Mortal Kombat,” but on steroids. Notably the fact that the game doesn’t focus so much on blood content that highlight characters that are not necessarily human, fighting styles that are absolutely epic and introduced gamers to a new element in fighting combat that had not been seen in the gaming verse before.

Yes, “Killer Instinct” presented sequels, but nothing and I mean nothing compares to the 1994 classic, it is indeed one of a kind people and one can only wish that this form of gaming returns to the universe.

Written By Davy Jones