Five People Injured By Tree Falling In Park (DUPLICATE)


SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, May 26, five people were injured by a falling tree limb in Washington Square Park in San Francisco. The park is in San Francisco’s North Beach District, which is located on Filbert and Stockton Streets. The San Francisco Fire Department issued a tweet about the incident at 9:51 p.m. that same day, stating that there was a “fallen tree with 5 minor injuries.”

The San Francisco Police Department and the San Francisco Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services responded to reports of one person being injured by the falling tree limb  Tuesday evening. Authorities later reported that there were at least three people injured by the tree limb, later turning to five individuals. Of the five people injured, one of them was a two-year-old child. The injuries documented are said to be minor according to this report, but no other details about the exact injuries to the child was disclosed.

A video of the incident was released on Citizen, a website and mobile app which sends out local safety alerts. In the video, a group of parkgoers watch as firemen and EMS workers respond to the call for assistance. The tree limb is cordoned off with yellow caution tape and appears to have fallen on a sidewalk, as well as a grassy section of the park.

Five People Injured By Tree Falling In Park (DUPLICATE) was originally published on San Francisco News