INGLEWOOD—The Foo Fighters delivered a flawless performance on Thursday, August 26 at the iconic The Forum. It had all of the elements of a rock concert- blazing guitar solos, jams that shook the arena, and a feeling of community overtook the crowd as they were free to rock out.

After two pulse pounding hours, Frontman Dave Grohl introduced Nandi Bushell to the stage. Bushnell, an 11-year old prodigy on the drums from England. This YouTube star challenged Mr. Grohl to a, “Drum Off” in 2020. Garnering millions of hits, while inspiring people everywhere across the world witnessing the power of music.

She closed the show by leading the group into a rousing version of the classic “Everlong” behind the kit. It was the first time Grohl and Bushell had ever met in person.

After 26 years as a band, the newly enshrined Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees proved there is still terrain to cross. Unlike other classic bloated bands, who fail to release new music and simply play the hits, the Foo Fighters still have that jolt of excitement. Playing four tracks off their new album, “Medicine At Midnight,” the songs had a new funky element, no one in the crowd had an idea the Foo Fighters could make them dance.

Midway into the set, an illuminating Disco ball dropped from the roof of the Forum, allowing us to go back in time to the 70s. The Foo Fighters transformed into the, “Dee Gees,” a loving tribute the legendary Bee Gees.

It had the vibes of a Disco roller rink as the Dee Gees performed, “You Should Be Dancing.” It was groovy. The Foo Fighters still found time to play tons of hits from their catalogue.

“Times Like These,” “All My Life,” “One By One,” and, “Monkey Wrench” we’re a brief list of their Staples spanning their illustrious career. Another highlight of the show occurred when drummer Taylor Hawkins stepped down from his riser to take center stage. He sang a thrilling version of Queens, “Somebody To Love.”

Hawkins is a talented and charismatic front man, he had the crowd in his pocket. In addition, seeing Dave behind the drums is worth the price of admission alone.

Although the 18,000 sold out crowd came to forget about the global pandemic, the guards checking for vaccination cards was a grim reminder of the current situation in which we find ourselves.

Proof of either a vaccine or negative COVID test in the last 72 hours was mandatory. Compared to other sporting events and live music where the card was merely an idle threat. This show was originally planned for June, but was rescheduled due to a member of the Foo Fighters road crew testing positive for COVID. It was a spectacular set by the Foo Fighters, few shows leave the crowd rejuvenated and inspired. This one did!