UNITED STATES—If you’re anything like us, making multiple trips to the grocery store every week is a sad fact of life. Even when we try to get one big weekly haul, there’s always something that we run out of or forget. 

Food is a necessity, but spending time in big crowds of people who are also not psyched to be grocery shopping is something we wish we could skip. A lot of grocery chains have started offering pickup and delivery services, but those can be just as much of a hassle because you still have to schedule them way in advance and hope you don’t have to drive there to pick up something they ran out of.  

But now, we finally have a reliable, speedy way to restock our pantries without leaving the house: Food Rocket. 

Food Rocket is About to Be Your New Favorite Smartphone App 

Food Rocket is an instant grocery delivery service that can guarantee grocery deliveries straight to your front door in 15 minutes or less. For most people, even making it out the door in 15 minutes is a challenge! 

The San Francisco-based startup is completely changing the way the city shops for groceries, and we think that’s a great thing. 

All you need to do is download the free iOS or Android app to get started, which is convenient for anyone who wants to multitask WFH with grocery shopping. (We won’t tell your boss.) 

The secret to Food Rocket’s super-speedy deliveries is that they have micro fulfillment centers (aka little grocery warehouses!) spread across the city. This means that there’s probably a Food Rocket location close by, no matter where you are. All of their warehouses stock pantry staples, fresh ingredients and household goods, so if you need it, they’ve got it. 

The Inside Scoop: Why We Love Food Rocket 

Thanks to COVID-19, the food delivery game has gotten more competitive. When you add that to the fact that it’s just as easy to order takeout (no cooking required), you might start wondering if trying something new is really worth your time. 

Trust us. It’s worth it! 

Food Rocket is one of the fastest and most reliable grocery delivery services around. As a bonus, their guaranteed 5-15 minute delivery window means that you can get exactly what you need in the shortest amount of time possible. After all, it usually takes longer than that to put on shoes, find your keys and wallet and walk out the door. 

Another thing we love about Food Rocket is that you can put on shoes and walk to one of their local warehouses if you want to get out of the house. Food Rocket is the only instant grocery delivery service we know of that lets customers walk in and shop in person. 

This is a great perk for people who live in neighborhoods that only have an expensive convenience store with limited stock (and definitely nothing fresh). 

Streamline Your Life With Instant Grocery Delivery 

It can be a struggle to balance minimizing your food waste with having to make five trips to the store because you didn’t buy enough food. When you throw a pandemic into the mix, it starts to feel like there are no convenient options for getting fresh, healthy meals safely. 

Food Rocket is here to fill the niche we didn’t know was missing from our lives, and they have plans to do even more in the future. CEO Vitaly Alexandrov told us that he plans to expand their network with ghost kitchens, so one day soon, you can order takeout along with your groceries. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Let Food Rocket deliver your next grocery haul and see how great it is to never set foot in the grocery store again.