SAN FRANCISCO—A lawsuit was filed against the City College of San Francisco by a former administrator. Shalamon Duke, served as administrator at the college in 2018 until he was fired last December. Duke is suing the college for wrongful termination and wage discrimination.

He claims he was getting paid less than his counterpart of a different race, while he had three times the experience working the position.

A lawsuit was filed against the administrator by a former student at West L.A. College days before his termination.

Prior to working at City College of San Francisco, Duke was the dean of Disabled Students Program at West L.A. College. Sarah Murphy, 29,  filed a lawsuit against Duke in December 2018 for sexual harassment.

Murphy was a student at WLAC and worked in Duke’s office. She was a part of the Disabled Students Program after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and suffering problems with her short-term memory. 

The lawsuit filed against Duke claimed that he repeatedly asked her for sexual favors in exchange for financial stability. 

Duke resigned from his role at WLAC in December 2017, after the school’s Title IX office began investigating the allegations.